Manjunatha h b now successful influencer with contribution in IT department

Meet Manjunatha h b, a multitasking professional working as a junior assistant in the IT department of Yenepoya University and also making waves as an influencer. With his talents and hard work, he has achieved great success at a young age.

About Manjunatha h b

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Manjunatha h b was born on May 3, 1996, and is a talented young professional with a passion for technology and influencing. He currently works as a junior assistant in the IT department of Yenepoya University in Mangalore.

In addition to his work at the university, Manjunatha has also made a name for himself as an influencer. Through social media channels like Instagram and YouTube, he shares his thoughts on everything from tech gadgets to fashion trends.

Despite his busy schedule, Manjunatha always finds time for personal growth and development. He’s constantly learning new skills that help him excel in both his professional and personal life.

Manjunatha’s positive attitude towards life is contagious. He believes that success comes through hard work and persistence. His dedication to self-improvement has earned him many accolades over the years.

His Work

Manjunatha h b is a hardworking individual who currently works at Yenepoya University as a junior assistant in the IT department. His work involves assisting with the maintenance of computer systems, software installations and troubleshooting technical issues.

One of Manjunatha’s main responsibilities in his role is to ensure that all computers are running smoothly and efficiently. He takes great care to diagnose any problems that arise and quickly resolves them so that staff and students can continue their work without disruption.

In addition to his work at Yenepoya University, Manjunatha also has an influential presence on social media platforms such as Instagram. As an influencer, he collaborates with brands to promote their products through engaging content creation.

His Achievements

Manjunatha h b has achieved a lot at just 25 years old. He is currently working in the IT department as a Junior Assistant at Yenepoya University and also working as an Influencer on various social media platforms.

One of his biggest achievements is being able to balance both of these roles while still excelling in both areas. Despite having a full-time job, Manjunatha manages to create engaging content for his followers and maintain a strong online presence.

In addition to this, he has also organized charity events through his social media platform, using his influence for good causes.

Manjunatha’s achievements are impressive considering how young he is. With hard work and dedication, he continues to excel in both his career at Yenepoya University and as an influencer.

His Aspirations

Manjunatha h b has always been an ambitious person, and his aspirations have only grown stronger with time. As a junior assistant at Yenepoya University’s IT department, he is determined to make significant contributions to the field of technology.

Manjunatha h b is a young and talented individual who has been making waves in his career as well as on social media. His passion for technology and digital marketing has led him to work at Yenepoya University’s IT department, where he is currently serving as Junior Assistant. At the same time, he also works as an influencer on social media platforms.

His hard work and dedication have earned him several achievements throughout his journey so far. He is known for his creativity and innovative ideas when it comes to content creation, which makes him stand out from others in the field. Manjunatha h b’s commitment towards his work has garnered appreciation from both colleagues and followers alike.