Maxfresh’s Airpot – The best solution to store hot beverages for long hours

The requirement to store certain beverages at high temperatures is obligatory and sometimes necessary. In a country like India, we were taught to drink tea and coffee at high temperatures, particularly for relaxation and relief, and even hot water is recommended for a variety of health problems. Maxfresh’s Airpot would be the best option for keeping such important beverages hot for hours. Maxfresh is a well-known company that is dedicated to producing high-quality stainless steel products that are both durable and efficient for everyday use in homes across the country.

Maxfresh’s Airpot is ideal to store beverages such as tea, coffee, milk, water and many other such type of beverages at the required temperatures. The stainless steel Airpot has a vaccum insulated layer to prevent heat from being radiated outside. Maxfresh is known for taking extra care when designing the bodies of their products, and they strive to improve with each new product, which is exactly what happened with the Airpot. The body of the Airpot is made of high-quality, non-magnetic food-grade stainless steel.

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Leaking of beverages from the inside is a common problem with most flasks, but Maxfresh’s Airpot has a safety locking system that prevents leaks. The user does not need to open the flask again after filling the Airpot with the desired beverage. A simple press on the top of the flask will release the beverage from the inlet at the bottom. This system prevents the beverage from spilling outside and keeps the flask’s exterior clean and non-sticky. Another significant benefit of the Airpot is the ease with which it can be lifted and carried thanks to the sturdy handle.

The Airpot is simple to use and consists of a series of simple steps to follow. The flask can be opened by pressing the top-side button, and the straw inside should then be removed. The required beverage must then be filled, the straw must be replaced, and the lid can then be closed. There’s no need to open the flask again after this because the beverage can be easily dispensed through the outlets by pressing the top button. The Airpot can also be easily cleaned by cleaning the flask’s outer surface with detergent or soap. The makers insist the users to not use dishwashers in order to maintain the quality of stainless steel.

Maxfresh is one such esteemed organisation that has been fulfilling the needs of its users and customers for a long time. The team at Maxfresh continues to strive for the betterment of their products and to satisfy their customers with every single product. Maxfresh has already been successful with their existing products such as casseroles and revolutionary products such as multi kadai. The Airpot comes in four sizes such as 2 litre, 2.5 litre, 3 litre, and 4 litre that serve approximately 40 cups, 50 cups, 60 cups, and 80 cups respectively. The Airpot can be used in various cases, such as parties, to carry hot beverages to patients in hospitals, can be used by job holders to carry tea or coffee to offices, and most importantly, can be used by small scale tea or coffee vendors to sell beverages. The Airpot has become yet another revolutionary product from Maxfresh and is garnering the love of a large customer base.