Maxfresh’s Multi Kadai – Cook Multiple Items with a Single Kadai.

One of the most important things of a household definitely include kitchen ware and the utensils needed to cook great food. In a country like India, people use various types of products to cook different types of food items and that consequentially adds a lot of products to the kitchen ware. The more is not always merrier, in some cases, they add up to a little amount of inconvenience. Maxfresh, a well-known company in India for their best in class stainless steel products have introduced a very innovative product into the market that can be used for multiple purposes. Multi Kadai, the new product launched by Maxfresh consists of 2 idly plates, 2 dhokla plates, 1 steamer plate and a mini idly plate resulting in a single product that can be used to cook multiple items.

People often tend towards things that are of multiple uses. A product that satisfies multiple uses comes handy for several purposes. Maxfresh has been making waves in the market with this new product. It has been attracting all the customers and drawing attention towards the very new product Multi Kadai. This would eventually lead the customers to use the same object for multiple uses and thereby minimizing the kitchen ware and freeing up space for other items. Many items such as Dhokla, Patra, Idly and Momos can be cooked with the help of this Multi Kadai. If the plates of the Kadai are removed, the Multi Kadai can also be used as a Kadahi to cook food.

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Multi Kadai is a product that’s made with completely food grade heavy guage stainless steel which is completely free of chemicals and toxic materials and does not pollute food and the handles are made with silicone material and can be touched with bare hands even when the Kadai contains hot items in it. The team at Maxfresh claims that the sturdy and compatible handles will please the customers to use the Multi Kadai continuously. The silicon handles and the knob at the top gives the user the flexibility to carry the Kadai at any temperature. The perfect mirror like finish also gives the advantage of easy visibility if there are any stains that stick to the Kadai. The Kadai comes with a sandwich bottom and induction base for fast cooking and even spread of heat.

Maxfresh is a company that has never compromised in the quality of the products since its inception and has always been committed to release useful stainless-steel products that will increase the comfort and convenience of the customers. In fact, this never giving up attitude of Maxfresh has been the key factor for its secured position in the market today. The new product, Multi Kadai is just the beginning of a new series of innovative products and there are many more to come from Maxfresh that would delight the customers. This ecofriendly Multi Kadai by Maxfresh is available on Amazon in two variants, the one with mini idly plate and the one without mini idly plate.

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