Meet 19-Year-Old Serial Entrepreneur Shivam Pathak who made Rs 10 lakh in six months through Ecommerce

“Who are you?”

“A book reader and a lover.”

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“What do you do?”

“Collect— Read books.”

“How many you want to collect— read?”

“A billion!”

“You better go to Billion Books!”

Billionbooks is an e-commerce platform for books launched in 2019 by a young entrepreneur, Shivam Pathak, the platform that provides pre-loved books along with handmade bookish Merchandise. The Billionbooks was started with the aim to reach all the bibliophiles out there. Shivam is currently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from Lovely Professional University and is in his 1st year of B.Tech degree.

Unlike other book providing platforms, Billionbook took a road less travelled and is Shivam himself a bibliophile and has a great passion of reading books. The idea of Billion Books is with the mission to reach a vast audience, give them quality services and enhance their experience. If you’re looking for books and want to pick up a good read, Billionbook’s blog section has got you covered the amazing team at Billionbooks provides you reviews, summaries, your next pick based on your age, area of interest and genre— everything and anything, billion things at just one stop and one click.

Billionbook has currently more than 50,000 registered users and has served more than 10,000 customers across the globe, and has an annual revenue of INR10-20 lacs; in a short period Billionbooks has achieved a lot!

So far, the company trades only in English-language titles and Hindi translations, but it is planning to branch out into the regional languages.

The Beginning of Billion Books

Shivam, a student who himself is ardent about reading and loves to read Non-fiction especially genre related to Spirituality. But as a student it was hard to manage due to the financial budget approved from home. So, students find it difficult to purchase books at a go. That was when Shivam mind’s struck with the idea of launching his own ecommerce store for books that provides all the pre-loved literary texts at very affordable prices.

So far Billionbooks deals with books only in English language and plans to expand it in many regional languages in future, soon. So that literature of each and every language is accessible to everyone everywhere.


“Billionbook wasn’t built in a day,” says Shivam Pathak. Shivam started everything from the scratch, right from the bottom he learnt website development, managing technical things, operating customer service. Logistics, sales and social media management was also done by one person. Due to financial constraint and lack of funding it wasn’t possible to outsource or hire people in the initial phase. Shivam also learnt Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing on his own. The team which started with a single person has now 12 team members, expertise in their field. The Billionbooks had a breakthrough when Non-Fiction program was launched, it sold 2,56,000 sales in 42 minutes; more than 120 boxes were out of stock in less than an hour.  You can buy any five books at just 999 from Billionbook store!

Expansion of Billion Books

Billionbooks in the later phase of launched their own Merchandise. Billionbooks launched its own handmade bookmarks and book sleeves. These are handmade which are of fine quality and provide opportunities to the talented people who do not get proper platforms to showcase their talents. These merchandises are especially by ladies with using superior quality of material.

Billionbooks has an official application with more than 10,000 active installations and is available on both, Android and IOS and is available on Google Play Store and App store.

Shivam is also a young Angel Investor who has invested in more than five start-ups and will keep on promoting the talent.   

When asked, if CEO Shivam has a message to deliver to people out there, he says, “One thing I find common in successful people specially entrepreneurs is they read a lot of books. Everyone should read, irrespective of how much they read or what.”

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