Meet Pratik, Young Digital Entrepreneur Leading Youth to become Financially Independent.

Pratik is a 22-year-old young professional hailing from a middle-class family residing in Delhi. Pratik is helping people chase and achieve their dream, the dream of success. He was 19 when he started Digital Networking from scratch. 3 years ago, he started, and today he has achieved what was once nothing less than a dream to him. Pratik is now an entrepreneur, a mentor, business trainer and a motivational speaker. 

Three years ago, he entered the business of Digital Marketing and now helps people out here to set up an online business to earn money digitally. Pratik himself started with zero earnings and today earns more than 2 lacs rupees monthly with digital marketing. He has gained a considerable customer base and has served and trained more than 25,000 people. Through his own business, more than fifteen hundred people have earned digitally as of date with an excellent satisfaction rate. As a Public and Motivational speaker, Pratik has delivered his words in more than 10 states and multiple cities pan India. 

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The journey, which started as a lone wolf, with nothing but passion and dedication today, has a team of talented and passionate people like him; he has six-digit earners in his team. He guided them throughout their journey. Pratik recalls his initial days and says, “I didn’t have money to start my business.”  But this was not strong enough to break Pratik’s will. He worked as a tutor and did part-time jobs at call centres.

Pratik had no idea about how to start. Being from a non-business background, he had no idea where to start the journey from. He faced more than 50 rejections seeking business opportunities here and there, but slowly he stood up and climbed up on the ladder, step by step. Today he aims and is working on his mission to train 1 lac people to become independent business owners.

During the initial days of his journey, Pratik was even working without money for months. A shift would go so long that half of his time was spent in the office, 9 to 5 became morning-midnight, and he would work for hours without breaks, sometimes even during lunch. But he kept going with his passion and sheer dedication because he knew it would all be worth one day. One day everything will change; tables will turn in his favour— and they did.

After struggling for 1.5 years, following a routine of work, the stars were in Pratik’s favour, and after months of hard work, he crossed six figures. 

He remarks, “This was my biggest achievement.” After his struggle, his passion turned into a profession that got him recognition over an audience of 25,000 people. Pratik is also entitled to the best trainer award for his mentorship and training as a business coach. Over time from zero to a hundred, he earns more than 2.5 lacs by helping people set up their business and setup. After many struggles and rejections, Pratik has seen success, and he has a lot of stories to share with you.

Pratik sums up by saying that,


Only those who walk alone create history.”

To learn more and listen to his stories, connect with him on Instagram and learn how to become financially independent.