*Mohd Talib :-  his life goal & work*

MOHD TALIB [ https://instagram.com/mohdtalibofficially?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y] is a casting director, screenwriter , actor, and producer as well as event planner.

His journey too intrested because he face many different types of situations in his career. He commenced his career at very low level and every day he improveed himself & he was successfully adorned with a stunning award as “” best director in modelling pageant show & best BD (Business development) of the year in the year 2016, in order to glorify him with honours and pride.  He work  jury member in national/international beauty pageant as well launch own shows name is  FABULOUS FASHION WEEK , MR MISS MRS FABULOUS INDIA & A Reality Show  :- SEVEN BATTLE STAR. Under the own company.

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As a matter fact of glamour industry or film industry they have 5 year experience as director , actor & organizer.  

Take a look at his life who persevered and remind us to never give up on what we want.

MOHD TALIB belonged to a middle-class family who always worked with the flow of life. Thinking differently has worked for his and his struggle in life changed the direction of life. he was determined to achieve something in life and create a self-identity. Thinking about the way to work hard and for getting ahead in life he started own production house name as BOUNCER PRODUCTION , an independent Production house based in INDIA.

Making people famous by modelling shows & talent shows also by casting movie, webseries, short film or album song.

MOHD TALIB  has endured many challenges to be where he is right now. As an achiever and role model he has proved that through struggles, that faith and hope always sustain. Listening to his struggle is getting an insight into what he had faced at every step to become the successful as now – a beacon of hope for others. No doubt, as the saying goes ‘every cloud has a platinum lining, there is light at the end of the tunnel. MOHD TALIB life is the live example that stands with the truth that no matter the struggle or the challenge in your path, a sense of optimism and the will to keep going is what make you an achiever, in every sense.

Indeed, things that come easy tend to be less appreciated. They might be faster and easier to get but they do also have less emotional value. TALIB worked on everything He could when was struggling with life, he felt it earned that truly his and with time struggles helped  appreciate what he had gained in life. Now MOHD TALIB is a highly prolific fashion and beauty as well as film industry famous because own hard work across a wide range of social media.

Talib says “No one should give up regardless of the circumstances; hard work will lead to success sooner or later. Success to me means someone blessing me and saying, “You are like my child, I want to be like you and I am proud of you.” Respect means success to me now, and I am grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way & stand with me in every situation.