Mohd Tauseef Youngest Digital Entrepreneur in India.

He was one of the group of mediocre students in his class. Ater his rigorous training, vast reading, attending 500 + workshops, seminars and webinars with leading coaches of India as well as foreign coaches, his skills hiked. Today, the blessings from his great mentor and his razor sharp skills made him a successful digital entrepreneur.

Mr Tauseef is The Founder and CEO of IMU. Professionally, he is a digital entrepreneur and his aim is to make India financially free. He is trying to solve the biggest problem in India. It is the unemployment rate which is increasing day by day and we are complaining not by trying to solve the problem. He has visited different places in India and the problem was the same, money and time.  People are struggling to earn money and they don’t have time for family. It was very sad for him to see this. He started his online journey and he started to read books about financial knowledge. He invested all his money on himself because he  believes that self investment is the best investment.

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But what if, as an entrepreneur, he just keeps earning money just like an employee without generating employment? That was not at all his goal of becoming an entrepreneur…

This is the fastest growing eLearning industry of 350 billions dollar. He has  achieved the recognition of the Youngest digital entrepreneur in India.

When he started his company, he faced  many problems. Now, he is working with 1000+ plus members in his company. He has generated more than 30 lakhs in 4 Months which makes him successful!

He wants to produce at least a thousand millionaires in the next five years from that spirit. He belongs to a very small village. Currently, he is running his own Company and is trying to solve problems in India.