New Integrated International Programs Open for Indian Students at Ecole Globale, Dehradun

Students to experience a diverse learning environment throughout the whole year

Dehradun, 17th December 2021: Threats of COVID-19 in the past 2 years have led to travel restrictions and bans, greatly affecting school curriculums providing International exposure. International exchange programs were cancelled but this year Ecole Globale International Girls School is providing its students with a digitised learning space where its students can interact with students from foreign countries.

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Ecole Globale, an international girls boarding school in Dehradun has plans to provide a learning system integrated with global exposure. The sudden closing of schools due to COVID-19 brought new challenges in the education sector, which were dealt with the use of applications like Zoom and Gmeet for conducting online classes. This digitization came with both pros and cons but left everyone wanting to go back to school.

Schools are reopening gradually as more and more people are getting vaccinated. Ecole with the start of the new term is planning to make the interaction between its students and international students more robust. The school has tie-ups with many international institutes and through the program students will be exposed to foreign cultures, usually, exchange programs are limited to one country but with the help of the internet, students are going to get to learn about more cultures by exchanging thoughts on history, festivals, and traditions. Different professions and hobbies can be explored, helping students in developing a more diverse set of skills. Students who are learning a foreign language can connect to students who are more fluent in the language. Students from Ecole will also be given opportunities to attend classes of their peers overseas. This will help them in learning new techniques while teachers will also be able to see teaching methods and their effectiveness. This interaction will also ignite a sense of competition which will motivate students to continuously improve themselves. The program will also let students from the linked countries digitally participate in the events happening in a school, like competitions, seminars, or workshops. Students can also collaborate with international students to work on projects and research papers. This innovative blend promises ideas that can compete in international competition and gain recognition. Through this program students will form bonds with youths of different nationalities, such bonds will provide unique perspectives to the problems faced by the students be it academic or personal. On a global level, these students will be more empathetic towards different cultures and take interest in geopolitics. Having a deeper understanding of different parts of the world, these girls will have an edge over other candidates when applying for colleges or jobs in foreign countries. Ecole also has tie-ups with leading education consultancies for aiding the students by getting professional advice. Upgrading to a digitally enabled system has already been beneficial for students of Ecole as they are learning in an environment with higher parental involvement, additional resources, visual aids, individual learning and peer to peer doubt clarification but the digital exchange program will be one of its kind initiative that will open new avenues in the lives of these students.