Professional Lawyer turned Entrepreneur is Changing the Face of Skin Care Market.

Roopayur was established in January 2021 and co-founded by Gangotri Singh, a practitioner lawyer. The venture was started with an aim to provide natural skin care products that give guaranteed results. Roopayur offers customised skin products as demanded by your skin— dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin. Though it is said that women use most of the skincare products, in the case of Roopayur, it is not at all true. The products offered by them have become a part of a household routine. To be specific, the youth is using the product in a higher proportion. When Roopayur was asked about it, they said, “It is because we provide customised skin routines, we are not just selling or offering the product but we are giving routine plan according to the skin of the customer.” Roopayur has become one of the most demanded skincare products in less than a year.

Roopayur has started its operation in 2021 January. Roopayur provides you with unique customised skin routine plans and offers ayurvedic and herbal products. Roopayur is focused on securing your skin from the pollutants that cause harm to you. The company provides products for your hair, face etc. The products that Roopayur offers are carefully based on your skin portfolio. It makes sure that it suits your skin and has no side effects. 

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The company, in a brief period, has achieved various milestones. As of date, Roopayur has generated over two crores of revenue and has more than 30,000 registered customers on its website with a 100% satisfaction rate. One can check reviews of their products on the review page of Roopayur. We selected a few of them. See what the users have to say about the products; one user says,

“My skin texture got really changed after 12 days of using this product.”

Another user says, 

“I’m using your products; it is working up so well. Luckiest one to know about your products.”

(Source: Instagram/roopayur)

The products are highly researched and developed. The product ingredients used in the product manufacturing are organic and personally looked at by Gangotri Singh. The company shows high dedication and passion to their work, and they make sure that only authentic and genuine products are delivered to the customers. The products offered are pocket friendly and easy to use. A few products that Roopayur offers are Roopayur Anti Acne facewash, Roopayur, Roopayur Bacne oil, r, Roopayur Skin Healing Combo etc. The variety of products that they offer can be viewed on their website

Roopayur is associated with a Non-Governmental Organisation named Inspire India. Whenever a consumer purchases a product, especially combos, a percent of profit is shared with the NGO, which goes to the education of the needy ones. The company delivers the products pan India to the doorstop on time and has a very smooth refund and replace policy, which you don’t have to worry about. 

The products are Made in India, made for India by hands so that the essence is delivered to the customer. This company is certified by AYUSH, the Government of India, and has GMP certified (a WHO certification). The products are highly regarded and made up of purely natural ingredients. Roopayur offers you products based on your preferences and is highly sensitive about the problems you have faced in the past, if any. 

Glow your skin with Roopayur’s skincare products. You can reach them out on the following links:

Instagram: Roopayur

Website: Roopayur

Facebook: Roopayur

WhatsApp: Roopayur