Rachit Yadav- A Writer Who sets Multiple National and International World Record in Literature Field

“Mr. Rachit Yadav, The Founder of Where India Writes was Born and Raised in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He completed his MBA in Media and Entertainment. He is an avid reader and lover of books but also a Creative & Expressive Writer who has got Multiple World Records like World Book of Records London, India & Asia Book of Records, and Vajra World Records as well. He has recently Compiled World’s Largest Flip Anthology named Where India Writes 2021- Not Just an Anthology It’s a Solology.In this anthology you will find, 170+ emerging authors have participated with their amazingly written pieces on different themes and emotions. Each write-up consists of 500 + words, there are more than 1000 pages and 1.36 Lakh+ words in the book which makes it unique and different.He is also the Compiler of the World’s Largest Reverse Anthology. He has written his Songbook named Marjavaan – Love That Never Ends is a World record song album certified by the International Book of Records, containing 20 versions of the same song Marjavaan.He is a true worshipper of Music & being a Musician he loves to sing and Compose songs.”www.rachityadav.in

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