Ramesh Chaurasia: A motivated youth builds a strong nation

Ramesh Chaurasia is the national president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha. He has been on the forefront whenever it comes to helping people from vulnerable sections of society. The work that he and his team have done for the upliftment of the Chaurasia community has changed thousands of lives and brought hope to countless others.

His vision for youth

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Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia believes that the future of the country lies in the hands of its youth. Most of the initiatives run by the Mahasabha are to empower the youth so that they can learn new skills and get the exposure which is necessary to build a bright future.

We talked to Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia about his philosophy and work. He said, “We are a country of more than a hundred crore people. We have the largest young workforce in the world. Even imagining what we are capable of fills me with pride and happiness. However, it is also an unfortunate truth that not all sections of society enjoy the same privileges. Our team decided to take the initiative and help those who need it the most. We wanted to motivate and empower the young generation to become so good at what they do that they can live successful and fulfilled lives, regardless of their past circumstances. We wanted to reach out to the youth and children from underprivileged communities so that they can also find a platform to grow and reach new heights. We are trying to reach those who have no other means to find resources.”

Some of the initiatives run by the organization

Career counselling

Career counselling is one of the most important needs of the youth in India. This is because millions of young adults are often found confused after they finish school. With the right career guidance, they can be guided in the right direction according to their aptitude. With better career counselling, countless young adults can find the right course to study and make a successful career according to their interests and abilities.

Personality development

The youth from most underprivileged sections of society suffers from a lack of exposure to the topic of personality development. Many people are stuck to manual labour because they lack the confidence and soft skills which are required for more sophisticated jobs which involve dealing with more people. The Mahasabha organizes personality development seminars where interested candidates are invited to take part and learn from the top industry experts.

Skill development programs

This is the time of skill-based jobs. Today we are living in a time where it is essential to have a strong set of skills which give you the knowledge and confidence to work in the field you want. Learning hard and soft skills is essential for growing in any profession.

Community meetings

The organization ensures that regular community meetings are organized where all members of the community of all ages are invited to interact and share their ideas with each other. Such community meetings encourage healthy communication between people of different age groups within the same community. This also enables the elders of the society to share their skills and knowledge with the next generation.

We asked another senior member of the organization about their current plans. They said, “Under the strong leadership of Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia and the support of all communities, we have been able to change many lives, especially in rural areas. We work towards the upliftment of all vulnerable sections of society. We are working for the welfare of women, children and the youth. With different skill development programs and seminars to educate the youth, we have high hopes. We have been able to help thousands of young people find better jobs and fulfil their dreams.”