Ritesh Das: A Rising Luminary from Hyderabad Shines Bright in India’s Grandest Teens Pageant; Secures Coveted Spot in Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023 Grand Finale

In a dazzling display of talent and charisma, Ritesh Das, a remarkable 16-year-old sensation, has secured a prestigious berth in the illustrious Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023 pageant. This landmark event, celebrated as India’s most splendid and esteemed teenage extravaganza, proudly cements its place in the esteemed Limca Book Record. Guiding this extraordinary journey with finesse is none other than the illustrious show director, The Rampguru Sambita Bose.

Amidst the thrills and fervor of nationwide auditions spanning 14 cities and attracting passionate youth aged 13 to 19, Ritesh Das emerges as a true luminary in the silver jubilee edition of this celebrated competition. His triumphant ascent during the Initial Screening Round propels him into the eagerly anticipated Semi-Final Round, a glamorous affair hosted at the opulent Radisson Blu in Paschim Vihar, Delhi, on the momentous date of July 9, 2023.

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Ritesh Das: A Rising Luminary from Hyderabad Shines Bright in India's Grandest Teens Pageant; Secures Coveted Spot in Alee Club 25th Miss & Mr Teen India 2023 Grand Finale

The enthralling Semi-Final Round of the Alee Club Teen India 2023 witnessed a constellation of distinguished judges, including the illustrious Cinestar Varun Badola, the acclaimed Rampguru Sambita Bose, and the celebrated MTV Super Models and Actors Swapna Priyadarsini, Stefy Patel, and Rohit Raghav. Varun Badola, a seasoned thespian, extols the Alee Club for providing an unparalleled platform that has indelibly shaped the trajectories of Indian teenagers, notably in the realms of acting and modeling, throughout the past 24 years.

Having traversed the crucible of scrutiny in the Semi-Finale of Miss Teen India 2023 & Mr. Teen India 2023, Ritesh Das infuses his parents and his hometown with immeasurable pride, securing a coveted spot in the eagerly anticipated Grand Finale. Set to unfold in the vibrant month of August, the Grand Finale promises the dazzling presence of the illustrious Mega Star Arbaaz Khan alongside the esteemed Show Director Rampguru Sambita Bose and a constellation of prominent Bollywood luminaries.

As a special delight for audiences, the organizers unveil an enthralling reality series, “Glimpse to Glory,” offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the participants’ arduous journey. This captivating series is available for complimentary viewing on their official YouTube channel, aptly named “The Silver Screen.” Furthermore, the voting lines are poised to open, extending a golden opportunity to the entire nation to amplify their support and cast invaluable votes for their cherished contender. This action propels the chosen talents closer to triumph in this venerable and widely recognized pageant that stands as a beacon for Indian teenagers.

Stay firmly in the loop regarding these gifted contestants and actively exercise your invaluable voting rights by joining the official Teen India community on Instagram at www.instagram.com/teenindia. Your participation fuels the journey of these future stars toward their well-deserved victory.