Samaneu Satheesh – Recipient of India Star Young Achiever of the Year – 2022 (India Star Community & MTTV Channel India), An ideal influencer, a young force, we need more like him!

We all know Samaneu Satheesh as the Director of Media and Communications at RVS Group of Institutions.

Samaneu Satheesh has made a remarkable contribution to the digital media platforms with his incredible creativity and knowledge in this field. He has been a game-changer in this field and deserves all the accolades he receives.

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The India Star Community Awards is glad and honoured to present this deserving and prestigious award to Samaneu Satheesh for his contribution as an individual and for his effortless and efficient potential.

Samaneu Satheesh, with his charming smile, has won all hearts and has stood strong as a rock with his realistic attitude and approach to his work. He has been an ideal for all upcoming and growing entrepreneurs of the society.

The Indian Star Community Awards Jury and MTTV India channel has been looking for a bright mind and has found one in Samaneu Satheesh. We feel so proud and happy that it cannot be expressed merely in words. His consistent efforts and never-say-die attitude have given him this recognition and there are many more to come his way, we hope and pray. Not only employing people but changing their lives for good has been his passion and he has passed this phase with flying colours. Earning money and fame is inevitable when one begins to work hard, but personalities like Samaneu Sathessh have benefitted society like never before and we are grateful to him for this contribution of his.

Samaneu has been an epitome of perfection when it comes to brands wanting to elevate their position in the form of uniqueness, visualization, and impact. He brings exceptional branding approaches to his clients from all across the country. His list of clientele includes reputed Politicians, celebrities, governors, Ministers, and MLAs, and the list is endless.

His follower base is considerable and comes from all types of platforms. He is one of the most accountable personalities for his field and he also boasts of being a worshipping disciple.

If you are looking for an expert who can make you a bankable brand, then Samaneu Satheesh is someone you can rely on for all the processes involved from the scratch. Samaneu is known to have a strong market base and his viewpoint and way of looking at things have changed the paths of many ships sailing through in the form of young minds. His presence has given a ray of hope to many young minds and he has been the biggest scope of inspiration to many happenings minds who were born to make a difference in the world.

After completing his engineering, Samaneu Satheesh worked as an engineer in the oil and gas industry for over five years. But as he was working as an engineer, he realised that his heart is elsewhere, and his focus dived into the ocean of creativity that made him his pearl. He realized that the digital media world had been waiting for him and his enlightening ideas changed the entire picture of how one looks at this industry. He worked most uniquely. He would put his heart and soul for 21 days into his work and then take a break for another 21 days. During this break, he worked on his passion for Digital Media which made him accomplish all his goals. He has worked on and produced about five documentaries. He has been spoken about for his work by all the celebrities, politicians and other artists for whom he had worked for.

It is rightly said that a few people are born for a purpose and Samaneu Satheesh is one among them. His challenging public life is filled with decorum and a certain dignity. His contribution to society has been life-changing for many.

The Revolutionary Changer – Samaneu Satheesh

• An Idol for the youth who aim to be path changers and inspirations in the digital media industry.

• Great Visionary and Incredible Contribution to the society

• He is the Motivation and Inspiration of youth

• The source of public influencing strategies for Ministers, MPs and celebrities.

• He has reliable connections all across the globe and works as a team with them.

• He has directed a pilot film which was a super success that was released by the notable Indian actor Mohanlal, Minister, and other actors.

• An actor who has worked in multiple films and music albums which have been trending, Samaneu Satheesh is a jack of all trades and master of them as well.

• The Picture Changer and Path changer in the world of  Digital Media.

• He has a massive loyal following on all his social media platforms.

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