Sarthak electricals; Discover all your luxurious lightings need to create a well-lit space.

They have both a blend of affordability and a feeling of luxury! Sarthak Electricals caters to all your needs in an affordable yet quality assured way, and Lightwale gives a premium look to your ambience!

Let’s explore what they have in store for us! 

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An ad on your interior at competitive prices!

The main benefit of magnetic lights is that they can be attached or detached whenever needed. Moreover, the track used in assembling these lights is very attractive, which aids in giving a slick feel to your interiors.


Because outdoors are the soul of your home!

The outdoor lights are mainly used to highlight the colour combinations of your place and give it an aesthetic look. It intensifies the home value. Outdoor lights can be used as per convenience and as per the design prevailing to your place. These lights will enhance the exterior design and will give an elegant look!

COBs (Chip-On-Board)

Because highlighting gorgeous elements is essential!

COBs are used to give a magnified look to the elements that are not mere elements to you. They are much more, and they are widely used in jewellery shops, malls, or various other places that need to grab the viewer’s attention!

They also deal with Track Lights, Profile lights, wires, and much more. 


Because comfort is the key to happiness!

The luxury switches deliver you a high-quality touch plate with premium quality glass material, automate your touch control, remote and app control, 

Automating a home is the best way to snatch comfort!


The lights which eyes crave for!

Profile Lights are elegant. They can be accommodated anywhere, be it your bedroom, office, restaurant lighting, etc. These give a unique look to your interiors! 

Enhancing the view is the prime motto here by leaving behind the most appealing eel to the interiors!


Lights that welcome your presence!

Adjusting automatically with the temperature is what these lights do! Which in turn saves energy at times! This was from the environmental point of view, 

Sensor lights also sense the human or object’s presence and turn on automatically. Lightwale and Sarthak offer you premium quality sensor lights!


Illuminates every track in which it is installed!

Track lights are used to highlight how they are installed or to culminate any particular piece of art, or let’s say, your family photos! 

Track lights beautify every track. It can also be installed in the living room, dining area, or kitchen, the one that goes with everything!  


Lightning is a concept, and if adopted correctly, it not only does wonders to your interiors but also to your health!

Yes, you read it right. Lightning can affect not only your health but it has a huge impact on your vision, well-being, and frame of mind. 

No, you don’t have to worry about all these, because Sarthak Electricals has the solution to all these problems!

Do you know about Kelvin and colour temperature? 6500K, 6000K, 5000K are termed as ‘Cool White’ and is visibly blue and green to your eyes, then 4000K, 3000K, 2700K, 2000K are coined as ‘Warm White’ and feels yellow and orange to your eyes if these aren’t designed accordingly, this can cause a problem in the future to your eyes!

Sarthak Electricals has all the solutions!

They not only give a radiant look to your ambience but also ignite the knowledge within you for right lightning and its importance. We guide you to the perfect light design, best suited to your place, with promising quality, at competitive prices, and they also provide you with home deliveries!  

Talking about the Kelvin and colour temperature, Sarthak Electricals gives you onsite solutions for the lighting and understands the importance of installing lights at proper places!


They have illuminated their creativity at various places, including cafes, offices, homes, and other elegant places! Let’s take a look!

  • The perfect blend of creativity at Sehat Cafe, Dwarka,
  • To design Virat Kohli’s Brother’s Mansion (Manesar), 
  • To illuminate the exteriors for Master India. 
  • Gifting the aesthetic look to Pankaj Ji Residence, Delhi
  • To elevate the look of a place by exterior lighting.
  • They ensure that safety is a must, and hence enabled a factory with high bay lights which are a special factory edition, 
  • Not only this, but they also illuminated the best religious place, Mehandipur Balaji Mandir, Rajasthan!

Wrapping it up, Sarthak Electricals has everything in their bags, from giving a premium look to your home to giving a safety measure at your company! They are lit everywhere!

Make your exteriors affordably elegant with Sarthak Electricals and Lightwale!


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