Siddhesh Shetty – Inspiring story of an Entrepreneur towards success

Siddhesh Shetty is the founder at Stubborn Media that focuses on providing Digital Marketing services. Siddhesh is a social media marketing specialist with a demonstrated history of working with clients such as Kings United India, Golds Gym, Cavalry The Lounge, Rude Lounge, Crayon Impact, TRP, Colour Splash etc. He has worked on various big projects such as Los Angeles Video Shoot with Sara Jane Dais, Dancing In the Dark with Sandip Soparrkar, Sex and Sexability with Aditi Mittal, Improve Comedy Show with Nitin Mirani. Started with 1 client to 24 clients now within 2 years since the inception of Stubborn Media Siddhesh came out on top. However, Siddhesh’s journey was never smooth and straightforward. Learn the story of Siddhesh’s heroic struggle against all odds; survival and eventual triumph that left people go awe in admiration.

Hailing from humble origin and growing up in the Shady parts of Mumbai Siddhesh Shetty weren’t always living the high life. Starting with humble beginning he endured hardships and struggles and came from next to nothing. 26 year old Siddhesh belonged to Nallasopara in Mumbai and had been the student of St. Francis School. Owing to the poor financial condition in the family Siddhesh had to take the responsibility of his family since 9th standard. Being poverty stricken he either used to devote half of his time in selling aprons at WTC, Churchgate or on the catering service on a daily payment basis to make some earnings so that he can support his family financially.

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Siddhesh shares his journey in a crux “As life was tough and money was essential, I had to work hard to aim for government colleges so that the fees would be less. Lucky I got admission to St. Andrews, Bandra from the sports quota. After that, I chose BMM as my career and went to ML Dahanukar College.”

While studying in college also Siddhesh didn’t moved back from his family responsibility. He made all ends meet with a smile on his face while doing the job of a housekeeper at an Event company simultaneously. Seeing his communication and hard work he was promoted to the post of an Assistant Manager and worked for 3 years. Things started to change, he felt accomplished when he was able to bring smile on the face of his family members. During that phase he began gaining knowledge of Social Media marketing which was booming at that time. To polish his skills with hands on experience in Digital Marketing he worked with few companies and that marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey in 2018 with his venture Stubborn Media with an aim of providing Digital Marketing services.

In a span of 1 year since the inception of Stubborn Media he had successfully on boarded 12 clients with a team of 8 employees including the designer, content writer and the media strategist in the year 2019. Everything was going smooth but the world turned upside with the arrival of Covid 19 pandemic and sudden lockdown in the country. As Covid had taken a toll on the business of every sector it had impacted Siddhesh’s venture as well, he had lost 80% of his clients from the hospitality Industry and eventually he had to shut down his business.  As Siddhesh shares “Though we had shut down our business during lockdown however at the same time we got new clients on board who had online businesses which helped us keep going again. Gradually as the things got normal our workflow became smooth, we got many new clients on board and now we have many big brands on board. At present we are working with 24 clients all across the globe with the same team members.”

His story is the live example that reminds us that through determination, grit and hard work anyone can overcome their circumstances and achieve extraordinary success. It was Siddhesh’s and his teams never say die spirit that inspired them to become all that they are now. They have started from scrap and now turned it into knowledge and work ethics with true dedication and patience and created an unimaginable benchmark. Siddhesh’s story of struggle to success has been an inspiration for many to chase their dreams and realize it.

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