The rise of a social worker, Lokesh Meena.

Covid-19 brought deprivation and destitution to the whole nation, this resulted in a sudden lockdown to spread the contagious disease. With the imposition of a lockdown government brought different measures to confront the disease, which affected the poor people with various sets of issues such as starvation and hunger, amidst all these crises the person who emerged as saviour needs no introduction as he is none other than but Lokesh Meena.

Lokesh Meena, born in Jaipur in 1988 is the son of Shree Phoola Ram Meena and Janki Devi and comes from a very wealthy family. He is pronounced as the one the youth icon along with a social activist. During Covid, his prominent role can be traced in the village of Nayinath, where Lokesh Meena played a crucial part in saving people’s lives. As the villagers were running out of food and water during the lockdown and this is when Lokesh Meena came and provided the villagers with 1200kg of fodder and water. He also helped in sanitizing the whole village, to avoid the spread of the pandemic among villagers. Apart from this he also organized various awareness camps to educate villagers about social isolation and social distancing.

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With his noble cause of helping people, he had a lot of followers which became his team in serving the nation in the time of destitution. Hee along with his whole team helped the needy people in the most difficult times, apart from this he also helped animals by providing them food for their survival. As the pandemic was the same for everyone, Lokesh Meena understood this thing and believed that social help is the biggest need of the time