The story of Shri Ramesh Gowani and how he converted his trauma into a series of triumphs

The low-key entrepreneur, Mr Ramesh Gowani comes from a family of industrialists. While his story urges many to attribute his success to the silver spoon he was born with, he has crossed several hurdles to be where he is today. He is now a renowned businessman with commendable business acumen. He proudly accepts that he has inherited this skill from his father, who was a successful businessman. Never has he taken his privilege as a free pass to ignore his responsibilities, but worked hard to overcome all the challenges that life has thrown at him.

Over the decades, Mr Gowani has proven his entrepreneurial mettle in several industries, like real estate, fashion, and travel. While the motivation for these achievements came from his family, the final propulsion came when the untimely death of his father devastated the entire family. At a very young age, Mr Ramesh Gowani was shoved into a pool of responsibilities and he had to handle Kamala Group alongside his emotions after the death of his guiding light. He says that he could sail through only because of the incessant support from his mother and siblings. Later, his wife, Ms Nidarshana Gowani also came like a ray of light in dark times and supported him through thick and thin. He also credits his children for continually inspiring him to try something new and drive Kamala Group forward.

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Mr Gowani’s entry into the world of real estate was at a very young age. His first venture, La Papilo Mumbai, was when he was a teenager. This building was immensely successful. One of his more successful real estate ventures in the real-estate sector is the Kamala Mills area, which has now become a popular and bustling IT and corporate park.

Kamala Mills was his tryst to explore a different industry, i.e. manufacturing of cotton cloth. Later, he also entered the fashion industry with his fashion brand Gabbana and continued the streak of success. Gabbana contributed immensely to the Indian fashion space and accelerated the rate of establishment of Indian fashion brands in India.

He is also behind the establishment of CR travels, which was a way to cement business ties with tourism boards worldwide.

This means a lot for someone from a small town and little business guidance. Mr Gowani used only the skills he learned from his father when he was alive and consistently learned from his mistakes on the way. His journey was not free of challenges, but he stayed persistent and defeated the odds on his way. Mr Ramesh is lovingly known as a man of few words who maintains a low profile and believes in converting his traumas to triumph.

His wife describes him as someone committed to growth, and he has truly exhibited that over the years.