The Tale Of Rifa Alam, India’s young writing star

Rifa Alam is a literature student and  Engineer pursuing her Job in IT sector. Her dream was to become a teacher but she switched her line as her mother helped her to know her skills and interest.

She’s also a writer and was a part of a book My Heart Again. Her inspiration is her mom  and she is the only support who helped her to know her worth and make things happen.

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Rifa Alam has written her first book with hope and blessings and had an interview with Dailyhunt.

Currently working on two more books and one special one which is going to tell you the journey of a girl who loves adventures.

She is going to get her award for a book and yes the best is she also got a medal for an Entrepreneur magazine. And she is going to be on podcast as well as other trendy news soon. In her life she got two people who taught her to live life: her mother and her mentor (Faraaz Ahmed Khan) they told her to work on herself because she is hardworking and can do anything.