Today when you Google ‘low budget interior design near me’, this is why you could actually find PDS as the best interior designer who will provide affordable interior design services on a budget for you!

Kolkata: Industry correspondent reported that the Architects and designers from the group ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ were found virtually fighting against the trends and tides of the industry in order to ensure that their Clients get the most out of their projects through innovative design solutions that suits their lifestyle needs and is affordable to align with their budget! 

Veterans believe that the most important decision you will make when it comes to interior decoration is finding skilled and reliable professionals. Sources verify that at PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS, it is guaranteed that ensure your house design is in the hands of our panel of experienced interior designers. Sources also confirm that ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ or PDS, currently provides do-it-yourself (DIY) Online Design Services anywhere across India, and provides done-for-you (DFY) Design & Build services in and around Kolkata, West Bengal. Three distinct internal design departments or studios operate under this one particular brand, which are namely, The Exterior Design Studio (EDS), The Interior Design Studio (IDS) and The Landscape Design Studio (LDS), together making ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ as the end to end one-stop solution provider for any kind of Exterior, Interior & Landscape Design needs of their clients.

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Professional bodies of the industry confirmed that the New-Age Trademarked Brand ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’, is spearheaded by The Best Architect in Kolkata, Professor Dr SAPTARSHI SANKAR CHAKRABARTI, who is a Chartered Architect by Profession, a Smart City Specialist (Intelligent Urban Solutions, Healthcare & Sustainable Architecture), an Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professional (IGBC™-AP), seasoned over two decades of hands-on experience in spearheading numerous multidisciplinary projects, research and development, and mentoring throughout the domain of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Master Planning, Landscaping, and Smart City Missions across India and abroad.

Industry sources validated that ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ is a wholly-owned Trademarked Brand Business Unit of the AskPEGASUS ADVISORY CONSULTANCY SERVICES OPC PRIVATE LIMITED, INDIA, a group company whose diversified portfolio of businesses had been into operation since 1999. Dr SAPTARSHI SANKAR CHAKRABARTI is the Founder Director of the company. The official Email IDs of the company are /, the official Helpline numbers are +91 6289810812 / +91 9477586654 / +91 7595028396 / +91 8910862455 / +91 9903032606 / +91 9007480447, and its Registered Head Office is located in Kolkata and has two branch offices currently, one is in BANGALORE, and another is in AGARTALA.

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent, Dr CHAKRABARTI shared his deep-rooted feelings towards the profession. He says – “Architects and designers who love to design, to create, to dream big ideas, should not only be creator of beautiful ideas, but also be conversant with overarching business tasks like marketing and sales and public relations, and so on, which are equally important for an organization as a whole to grow. While we must love working, we should know how to find the right clients to work for, and we should also know how to manage our payroll and navigate any bidding process.” His multiple professional research-oriented Books published on Amazon International speaks the same.

Thanks to Dr CHAKRABARTI, positive disruption to the industry is happening right now because the future is already here. He said that the very foundation stone of the Brand ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ lay on his noble vision and mission, which is “To handhold One Million young Architecture aspirants and make them employable for the industry, ready to fight the new normal post-pandemic, post-covid world out there”. 

Scientists say that a whopping 92% of people who set their goals never actually achieve them. The University of Scranton has confirmed that only 8% of people achieve success in their endeavors. “It takes years to become an overnight success!” rightly said by the British business magnate Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson. Dr CHAKRABARTI has successfully proved the reality of this fact, the very hard way. The very reason why today when you Google ‘low budget interior design near me’, you end up actually finding PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS as the best interior designer to provide affordable interior design services on a budget for you.

Our sources discovered that apart from being an eminent Industry Consultant, a Thought Leader, a Published Author, a Serial Entrepreneur, a Mentor and a Keynote Speaker (International) for the past two decades, operating extensively throughout South Asia and beyond, Dr CHAKRABARTI had also been authorized for mentoring as a Sector/Trade Expert, by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India.

Sources continue to report that, recognized for promoting Industry-Academia interfacing and sustainable practices in the region, Dr CHAKRABARTI had been a creative and passionate designer by training, with outstanding conceptualization skills that are driven by Evidence-Based Design (EBD), Intelligent Bioclimatic Design (IBD), Research and Development (R&D), practicality and implementability, having a substantial track record of 100% Completed projects from concept to commissioning.

Dr CHAKRABARTI was interestingly found to be also a die-hard academician by passion. He is simultaneously pursuing his post-doctoral research on Climate Change Resilient Green Buildings in Context to the Indian Subcontinent.  Further, it was also discovered that from coaching to consulting, since inception, he had been actively bridging the gap between education and implementation by calling all Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, clients and students, to join hands with him to get the right job done, the right way.

Aspirants and enthusiasts of this profession can follow Dr CHAKRABARTI and view more about the team and works of ‘PEGASUS DESIGN SOLUTIONS’ on their Website, YouTube channel and other Social Media platforms to stay updated and learn about the fantastic trends of this industry!