Top Five Men Who Have Become Role Models in Their Fields With Exemplary Hard Work

Top Five Men Who Have Become Role Models in Their Fields With Exemplary Hard Work are

  • Siddhant Pujari
  • Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj
  • Preet Wadhwani
  • Muhammad Arif Ansari
  • Ubbay Francis

We selected them on the basis of their passion, talent, hard work, and dedication to their field of work.

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Mr Siddhant Pujari is the founder and managing director of Pages For Ages publication,which is a msme registered and ISO certified publication house providing a platform for budding writers to showcase and publish their thoughts.He has a team of more than 100 writer’s from all around the globe.

He is currently pursuing his MBA from IAME, Bangalore.He has worked with more than 150+ anthologies.He has been a judge for various institutions in odisha and jharkhand.He is a multiple award winning personality.He is awarded with Limelight Best Achiever of the year, Achievers best writer of the year,India Prime icon awards,ranked among the best 100 writers by foxclues India prime awards 2021,his story has been featured on Fox story magazine, Awarded as best writer Male by K and K Excellence award,Rising author and entrepreneur Award by glantors National Choice Award,Selfesta magazine.His books has been published on all social media platforms.He has been a cover story in Nine dot nine pvt ltd, Business sutra.He believes that,The secret of becoming a writer,is to Write, write and keep on writing✨


Dr. Santosh Bhardwaj, a physiotherapist by profession, has been serving and helping people to get well for the last 15 years.

His father’s name is Mr. Gorelal Bhardwaj and his mother’s name is Smt Sukhani Dev Bhardwaj.

He is a very kind hearted and helping person. His life’s main motive is to spread happiness and positivity.

For visiting him, his clinic’s address is

Korba chhattisgarh,





“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” – Leo Tolstoy

Born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Preet Wadhwani is a student who loves to write motivational stories. He’s the young writer of today’s generation. He gives new direction to today’s generation with his thoughts. He made his debut in literature at a very young age through ‘Story Mirror’ and has been Nominated  for AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2021.

Preet has Also Won Pioneer’s Flair Author of the Year Award. His talent is also shown in “Thar Express” Newspaper. He is co-author of 15 Books and compiler of 3 Books. He is a role model for today’s young generation with his high thinking. His aim is to spread positivity all over the world.

“The only thing that we know is that we know nothing — and that is the highest flight of human wisdom.”


In his own words,

My self Muhammad Arif Ansari born an brought up on Uttar Pradesh Kushinagar district

I am a college going student  . During COVID-19 allot of people are suffering from mental health problems plus financial problems also So I decided to learn from social media and help them and I join Internship where I work as an HR associate and Sales manager for 6 months after that I saw one status of my friend about online business I searched more and I took that opportunity that one opportunity changed my life and many others life too I learn alot from online business I got an amazing platform ROVOLO in this digital marketing company I learn a lot of new different skills and, Now I am  Financially Independent. My parents are proud of me that beside studies I am earning money from home.

Rovolo not only changed my life but 1000+ people life also in rovolo various departments are there like HR Sales Scope for social services technology department also were we learn alot of new different protects and practical learnings plus we got certificates too and we are earning money I also changed a lot of people’s life now they are working with me and earning with me .

One message I want to give for today’s youthThat never give up always try new ways in life come out of comfort zone and take every different opportunities in life* *One decision change my life so think about it this will change your life too

If you want to work with me and create your own success story check my Instagram and dm me Growth to start


Ubbay Francis recently emerged as the most multi-talented person from Mumbai as claimed by Outlook India, Zee5, Menafn, Fox Interviewer, The Week and many more national and international media. He is a client and celebrity management specialist and a former bodybuilding coach. He is into digital marketing these days and loves cricket and volleyball. He is also a former casting director and model. Ubbay Francis is also a bestselling author of The Importance of Physics in Bodybuilding, a reality based non-fiction book published by Digital Golgappa.