Top Three Books To Read With A Cup Of Hot Coffee, Fire By The Side

Reading has countless advantages, including the ability to reduce stress, increase happiness, and improve intelligence. Whether you’ve already read some of the best books or are just starting to broaden your literary horizons, here are our top three recommendations for your winter reading.

Our Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee, fire by the side are

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  • Estrenar: Beginning Of A New Journey by Sucharita Parija
  • It’s Too Big To Grab by Rex Jovakim Joseph
  • Elephants In The Room By Susanna Celsia 


The debut book by the author is named “Estrenar: Beginning of a New Journey.” Estrenar is a Spanish word that means “The First Time.” This book is a collection of 40 poems.

The poems are grouped into two levels. The first segment revolves around life, women, and their struggles. The various events in everyone’s life, the inner turmoil, the motivation after depression to stand up after losing a family member. In addition, some well-known dilemmas in daily life have been depicted through soulful verses.

The second part has a mixture of ideas. For instance, a satire about flatbreads not being round shaped in today’s time by a woman or the weight gain difficulties of a middle-aged woman. Many more styles are included in this category. But, again, the words are the author’s years of experience and struggle in life that come alive in poetry.

About Sucharita Parija

Sucharita was born and brought up mostly in silver city Cuttack, Odisha. She comes from a family of Academicians. Sucharita has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Bhubaneswar. In addition, Sucharita is a gold medalist and the recipient of the “Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia” award during her post-graduation in Computer Application. Currently, she resides in the national capital of India.

Sucharita had spent more time in the company of books rather than her friends. Plus, books were and still are her best buddies in life. In addition, Sucharita contributed to several magazines in school and college days. Yet, being an author was never in her pipeline then.

Sucharita’s debut book “Estrenar: Beginning of a new journey” was published in 2021 by StoryMirror Pvt Ltd. Her second book, “Merak,” was released in November 2022 by BookLeaf Publication. In addition, she has 3 anthologies to her credit.

Plus, she built her website:, in 2020.

She has won several awards for her debut book to date. Sucharita strongly believes in the Almighty and remains grateful for God’s blessings she receives every day. In her words, Sucharita is the sole motivator in her life.

Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee, fire by the side.

IT’S TOO BIG TO GRAB by Rex Jovakim Joseph 

If “weird” is a way to describe a person well, let it be him. Alexander Joseph was no one, to begin with, when David first met him as his co-passenger. Just like the words ‘curiosity is what sustains the media would’, David was curious about the man sitting next to him looking like a second-generation prince. But the wind doesn’t blow as David expected with Alex. His story was different and weird. This story is about him, a man David met on his flight to Dubai who ordinarily lives an extraordinary life. His love, perseverance, regrets, happiness, and success are the story’s life. We introduce you to Mr Alexander Joseph, the unsung Sultan of Arab. Still, why did he call his life a failure? There is a lot more to know. The book also won the title of best fiction 2022, awarded by the Indian Awaz Foundation.

About Rex Jovakim Joseph

Rex Jovakim Joseph is a Software engineer, an entrepreneur with insight, an Investor for a reason, and in addition to all this, a student who is striving to add up his title as a lawyer – LLB in Criminology at Middlesex University Dubai.

Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee, fire by the side.


“Elephants in the room” as the title suggests is a book that addresses the most prevalent issues that we have created by ourselves that has effect on our lives and society but are issues we do not talk about the poet has written about such areas and thoughts in the form of awakening poetry the poems initially talk about children and the stress and pressure they have nowadays , also on how even as adults we carry the same pressures and stress in our inner child.

The writings beautifully unfold on how some of our thought patterns can be the reason behind this and the poet has written key lines about how it can be changed to bring back the lost happy child in us.

About Susanna Celsia

Susanna Celsia is a passionate writer, talented poet ,and a creative author who has co-authored 50+ anthologies and has authored two poetry books.  Her first book is titled as  “Oasis of poetry” which is a collection of beautiful poems with rich usage of poetic devices.

She is known for her exemplary style of writing with a rich usage of allegories ,metaphors and oxymoron. She writes in several genres such as fiction , short story ,free style poetry ,haiku, anectodes, limerick in languages  English, Hindi,Tamil and Kannada.

She addresses issues unspoken and all her writings focus on personality building, embracing uniqueness and restructuring one’s identity, she’s a fighter who encourages her readers  to overcome the odds and make the best out of their lives.

She is a confident young woman who is an inspiration to many and has been honoured with several awards and has also authored 5 solo poetry books.

Top Three Books to read with a cup of hot coffee, fire by the side.