“Transforming Aspiring Artists into Professional Independent Artists”- A dream shared by a CEO of MuviArts, Ravi Kaushal

Becoming an artist in any art industry has become a tough job for everyone. Cut-throat competition has made it difficult for most young aspirants to fulfill their dreams. In the age of the internet, one tries to come to the spotlight by showcasing their talents. This can be a hectic thing to do. For a singer, if they are recording and releasing their original songs, they have to know a lot of things including marketing, promoting, etc. What if there is someone out there who could help you and make your dreams come true?

Ravi Kaushal, a founder/CEO of the Company MuviArts, took an initiative to transform young Aspiring Artist into professional independent artists. He is not only a singer but a songwriter and also the host for the podcast Subconscious Talks by RK. MuviArts was officially established in 2017 and it belongs to the entertainment sector, especially the music industry. It is a Production & Design Company that provides all the artist-related services like Music Production, Mixing Mastering, Album Arts, Creatives, Video Editing, Lyrical Video making, Promotions, Marketing, etc. The company also has the Music Publishing & Distribution Services as a Record Label named as MuviArts Records which they opened recently.

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Ravi Kaushal is a young talented artist, who himself faced problems while releasing his original songs from 2013. He shared his experiences with us and said that he started his journey in 2013, and saw ups and downs in his career. He tried a lot of things like investing time and money, figuring out everything that how the business works. These were not at all hassle-free work for him because he didn’t get any helping hand. With time, he met a lot of people from the music industry and worked with them. This helped him to gain a good amount of experience in this field. After that, Ravi wanted to help those who are trying to pursue their career in this particular industry. He said-

 “I decided to help the Artists because nobody is willing to help aspiring artists. They always fall into unfortunate conditions where they have to spend years and money figuring out how things work in the industry. So, we decided to help the artists who really want to help themselves and grow. ”

This is where the prime objective of MuviArts comes from. Everybody knows that one should invest to grow but what if, someone gets just one platform that offers a whole package to boost up your career? MuviArts is the perfect platform where you will save your money and time because you will be getting all the facilities related to the music industry. They also provide proper guidance from experienced and skilled experts.

MuviArts started its journey with only the Bollywood industry where people provided creative ideas and music support to them. With this, they have helped and worked with over 150 established artists and Aspiring Artists by providing different services to them. They are the best music production services in India right now which help to transform your aspiration into a professional career. They help Aspiring Artists by providing the best marketing tips to grow on social media. Not only this, they take good care of their independent career by guiding them properly so that they don’t have to wait for someone to give them a break or chance.

MuviArts provides the best artist-related services in India because they have a well-developed team from different states and skilled Music Producers and Designers and Marketing experts. These people helped their clients to get the optimum results in a very less but informative process. Anyone can take their services online by sitting at their home and market themselves with their music. Ravi explained this process in a very simple manner-

“ for example, if anyone wants to do a cover song, it requires pretty simple steps, like artists have to give a song link which he/she wants to cover. The next step is they have to give us the scale at which they want the music. Then the project is allocated to one of our producers who will make the music and send it for approval. When the artist confirms, he/she will be provided with the Minus track with the recording details. The third step is they have to go to any nearby studio to record their vocals or they can record it at their home studio and send us the vocals. After this, the final track will be delivered to the artist after mixing and mastering. Also, if artists want to set up a home studio on a budget we help them too with proper guidance. This can save money and time respectively with coming out more content for their fans.”

Some of the important links of MuviArts that Ravi shared with us are as follows-