George Kobiashvili’s Journey Inspires Young Entrepreneurs Worldwide

George Kobiashvili was born on 09.07.1989 in Tbilisi Georgia. After graduating from #58 public School he was accepted into the best business school in Georgia, Caucasus Business School with a government grant for a scholarship because of his high-grade results.  Soon he changed direction and switched to International Black Sea University for more convenience in study programs, suitable for his goals. His first business Mr. George started when he was 15 years old, started designing, printing, and distributing New Year Invitation cards to different small shops around the city, this idea came to him after he wanted to buy this kind of card and he had a hard time finding beautiful high-quality new year invitation cards.

After that at the age of 16 while he was still in school he started a small bakery of traditional Georgian food khachapuri, with only a 200$ investment, bought the baking machine for 90$ else went into kitchen stuff and materials for baking itself, and he found old retired baker already on pension seeking for job and agreed even on a lower salary and paid daily after each day. He rented a small room in the yard of a house in front of one of the big streets with a lot of people walking around so he had potential clients. After that, when he was 17 he started Shawarma place with his friend, making him a lot of money because that was the trend starting in Tbilisi at that time.

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 While on 2nd course at university at 18 years old he established an advertising company, Modern Advertising Studio, printing T-shirts, Caps, and even branded watches for Universities first then extended to other clients. At 19 he first started trading stocks, and then never went back to anything else, started his investments with 3500 USD and now after 14 years he is managing 1.7 Bln USD, with offices in a few countries. While he started a few other businesses on this road of success most of them he either sold or withdrew all his cash after some time and in the end was directing everything towards his main company to invest in stocks, which later become Hedge Fund, and started managing investments also.

Coming from a small country with about 4mln population in total and a very low GDP per capita and achieving this level now when he is doing business internationally is something very rear and worth noticing. We hope his example can be an important lesson for young upcoming entrepreneurs to set big goals and never stop, try different businesses and always self-develop always focus on growth so in the end after 5, 10, and 15 years of hard work they can also enjoy their success and impact world for positive change!