Vijay Chaudhary: Man behind a beautiful vision

Vijay Chaudhary
Vijay Chaudhary

As the demand for farmhouses surge across the country and people are searching for bigger and open spaces, the need for specialist, experienced and the most trusted players in this particular segment is at an all time high.  

This is where Ram Rattan gets into picture, led by one of the pioneers of Farmlands – Vijay Chaudhary who foresaw this rise in demand many years back and made excellent adjustments to comply with new-age needs. His vision, ethics and concepts now have become a benchmark for the industry. He has been credited with changing the face of farmland through ‘New Generation Land’. When farmhouses were restricted only to second homes and farming, Vijay Chaudhary went many steps ahead and introduced various ways in which one can not only enjoy their farmlands, but also generate regular income with very little effort. All this, but with more responsible and trusted services.

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Among the concepts that Vijay Chaudhary has introduced in this industry, transparency and trust have played the most important role in changing the face of the industry. This trust and transparency in dealing have touched people from all demographics and walks of life. Now every family member can independently think of investing in a farmhouse for personal / professional use including women.

Nari Farms & Villas is one such example where women have shown exclusive enthusiasm to invest. Young professionals like – models, actors, writers, dancers etc. have shown interest in this particular project. Vijay Chaudhary explains his vision behind Nari Farms & Villas as – “We wanted to create an exclusive, secured and positive space for new age women who can use this space to fulfil their dreams no matter how big they are.” Vijay Chaudhary’s futuristic approach to farmland has helped Ram Rattan create most premium farm communities in the best of locations. All the locations are handpicked for their proximity with NCR, connectivity, future appreciation, amenities and resale value. This has made Ram Rattan an exclusive choice of smart, new-age professionals, entrepreneurs, NRI’s, artists and many more.