Young Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan’s life goal: To provide quality education with food security

The young business leaders are aware of the potential education holds to help them achieve financial success and, afterwards, make significant contributions to society. No matter who you are, education and skills help you acquire the mindset necessary to start a business or a career. People are rushing to make more and more money in the competitive world and money race, with no thought of helping others. Nevertheless, there are still entrepreneurs cum social workers working to improve people’s lives by helping them reach their monetary and educational objectives.
One such person is Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan, a young Muslim man from Gujarat, India. He has long worked to better the lives of others by providing low-income children with inexpensive, high-quality educational opportunities and health treatment. His life’s mission is to help economically depressed communities, underprivileged kids, and women advance their lives and careers through access to resources, including education, food, job opportunities, and support.
The key factor in raising anyone’s standard of living and lifestyle is education. Therefore, his primary goal is to increase career opportunities for people in rural and underprivileged areas while also providing high-quality education at an affordable price. Along with making donations for education, he supports women’s empowerment, campaigns against child malnutrition, and gives homeless families a place to stay.
With the use of modern technology, this process and the identification of slums have been made simpler. He believes that the people who need it most are not receiving assistance with food, equality, education, or development. Therefore, he looks for underprivileged groups and people, and he tries to meet their most basic requirements. He provided them with food, shelter, and other necessities for survival, especially during the pandemic when the situation spiraled out of control and people were dying on the side of the road.
His name appears on the list of the “Top Inspiring Leaders of 2022,” compiled with guidance from Heylin Spark and Global Brand Research. In 2022, the United Nations World Human Rights Council appointed him a peace ambassador because of his selflessness, compassion, and dedication to advancing the cause of world peace and togetherness.
Dr. Shakeel Ahmed, the former Indian minister of home affairs, honored Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan with the Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award for Young Achievers on May 21, 2022. Additionally, Abdul Razaq HabibKhan Pathan received the Global Entrepreneur Award from Maharashtra’s Governor, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari, at the Governor House on the 14th APJ Abdul Kalam Awards 2022 ceremony. Further, the Delhi Municipal Corporation presented him with a certificate of appreciation in regards to his efforts to raise public awareness of ground zero education on behalf of the government of Delhi.

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