Arkedia bags branding consultation and digital marketing for Berlia Teas

Berlia Fresh Foods & Beverages Private Limited recently appointed Arkedia Marketing as their marketing partner to foray into newer territories and work as their branding consultant. Berlia Teas is now aiming to reach out to more people and increase their distributor network. This will be beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to start their own tea business. Berlia Group, as a collective entity, ventures into different companies and is continuously upgrading their work patterns and strategies with their dynamic leadership team, primarily Dhruv Berlia and Saurav Berlia.

 Arkedia Marketing is a marketing company focused on 360-degree marketing campaigns and branding solutions for companies around the country. It is located in Siliguri and Bangalore, with a collective client tally of over 250 small and medium brands during the last four years. Arkedia is headed by a young CEO, Rahul Kedia, who has worked at several startups before founding Arkedia. Currently, Arkedia is a young team of 25 brilliant individuals, including both the Siliguri and Bangalore branches. Internet marketing is one of their critical operative areas of expertise is why their tagline is ‘Let The Internet Do The Hardwork’.

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Berlia began their tea business in the early 80s with primarily trading and eventually launched their production in September 2016. Arkedia has already been working with ‘Gokul Fresh’, one of Berlia Tea’s restaurant businesses, for almost a year. Arkedia Marketing, led by CEO Rahul Kedia, says, “Tea or Chai is pervasive in India. Selling something everybody knows about has its advantages and challenges. Berlia Teas and the management are very open-minded and accepting of innovation. It will be fun to work with the company led by Dhruv Berlia and Saurav Berlia.”

The perfect mix of various marketing channels to optimize the results for a brand is something Arkedia wants to make achievable for smaller regional brands. Arkedia currently is the most popular digital marketing and marketing consultant company in West Bengal and the North-Eastern part of the country. Arkedia now has a team capable of Design, Consultation, Social media marketing, Google Ads, Online reputation management, Turnkey marketing projects, Handling influencer marketing, Photography and Videography solutions.

With the rapid increase in social media usage, the development of businesses to grasp more advertising or marketing channels is essential. The demand for 360-degree marketing campaigns has increased immensely, and Arkedia marketing bridges this gap and has made 360-degree marketing campaigns more available to regional brands. Integrated marketing and relatability remain the top two attributes of a well-done marketing campaign. The vision that they put forward is to become the most significant marketing company in the country. There are several other complementary ventures that Arkedia is into and is growing all rapidly. 

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