Author Vadhan – Best known for writing Unputdownable thriller stories

Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara, known by the pen name of Vadhan, is an Indian novelist with four published books- in the genre of thriller and fantasy based on Indian Mythology. Vadhan strives to unravel the mysteries and wonders of India, one thriller at a time. He always excites his readers with intriguing thriller stories that are full of twists, turns, and surprise unexpected endings. These elements make his books great reading material that are completely unputdownable.

Vadhan’s stories are unique in terms of the choice of topics that hold relevance to mythological truths and current facts. The writing style keeps the reader engaged throughout the book, challenging the readers to predict and outthink him.The reviews of his books are testimony to the fact based on reader reviews of how the author kept them guessing throughout.

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Vadhan’s first book ‘Shatru’ is a prequel to his upcoming fantasy series. It is a fantasy-thriller based on the Puranas, Upanishads, and Vedas. His second book, “Agniputr’, is based on a single stanza from the Yajurveda and dovetails ancient Vedic knowledge with quantum science, law, politics, and crime. His third book ‘Fear of God’ deals with corruption and vigilantism and is slated to be made into a movie soon. His fourth book, ‘The Vimana Transcripts,’ is a thriller based on the ancient concept of Vimanas, a Tatva or principle, and Ancient Indian temples.

The concepts for Vadhan’s four thriller novels were created with different perspectives of the vast culture of India. The gripping storylines of his books make his readers stay on the edge of their seats. Right from the characters, settings, plot twists, and other crucial parts of his work are thematic and fit together cohesively.

“History is filled with secrets both real and imagined, embedded in both truth and myth,” says Vadhan. This basic premise instigates the tantalizing genre of Vadhan’s thrillers. His first book ‘Shatru’ is based in contemporary times but deals with a what-if scenario that maps mythological characters along with regular ones. His second book ‘Agniputr’ earned accolades because of its seamless management of multiple genres. His third book ‘Fear of God’ is a nail-biting thriller that is not only dark but gripping because of its fact-based storyline based on corruption and vigilantism. His fourth book, ‘‘The Vimana Transcripts,” is about saving the world using real, unsolved ancient knowledge.

Released in November 2021, The Vimana Transcripts is gaining tremendous traction as one of the most entertaining reads to date. It is a mix of Vedic knowledge, treasure hunting, and dangers from space is an intoxicating concoction of information, action, and thrill.

Vadhan is a lawyer by qualification and an executive director in one of the Big Fours by profession. He has traveled the world in the line of his professional career and supported large multinational clients across the world in addressing their regulatory risks. He has seen the different and diverse flavors of India. Hailing from the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, born and brought up in the seaside metropolis of Chennai, having lived in Mumbai and now for the last 16 years in Gurgaon, he has uniquely experienced different cultures and practices of India. His writing encapsulates the essence of his travelling and deep understanding of different cultures.

It goes without saying that the English writing Indian thriller writers have established themselves as fair competition to their international counterparts, and Vadhan’s books are testimony to that fact. If you want to delve into fast-paced and tightly made thrillers, explore Vadhan’s books. They are available on Amazon and Flipkart and in all major airports and bookstores across the country.

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