Book Review: UNVEIL YOUR PURPOSE by John Giftah – A complete guide to live the life you have been created for

“Don’t just live a purposeful life but live the purpose of your life”. This is the underlining theme of John Giftah’s latest Bestseller, “Unveil Your Purpose” which became a #1 New Release on Amazon.

As the world is grappling with the pangs of the pandemic and many people are searching for answers regarding the reason for their existence, Dr. John Giftah’s book came as a lighthouse of hope guiding them towards their purpose in life. He shares that a person can live their life to their fullest, experience satisfaction in life and express their full potential only when they are living in their purpose. He says, “An aircraft is at its best in the sky – not on the road; Likewise, you cannot expect to unleash the best version of yourself on the ground if your purpose is amidst the clouds!”

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When asked the reason for writing the book, he shared about one of the tragic perils that is actively playing in society. ‘Each individual has a specific area of purpose, passion and strength. Unfortunately, in most cases they are forced by their family to make a career move to a field which is not their area of strength. This leads to an extensive amount of pressure and other complications which in turn not only affects them professionally but also emotionally, psychologically, mentally and even physically in many cases.’ Through the book, not only does he want to shed light on this alarming issue that is affecting millions of people, but to also guide them into discovering and walking in their purpose.

In the book, he takes a deep dive to explain how our purpose in connected to our childhood dreams, ambitions, gifts and experiences. ‘Ever since I was young, I dreamt of impacting lives across the globe. I have been writing and speaking ever since I was a kid. Today, I am not only walking in my purpose but also walking in my dreams and one can clearly see that what I used to do as a kid is a foreshadow of what I am doing now.’

This success did not come easy for him. He shared how he underwent seasons of discouragement, opposition and pain that forced him to give up walking in his purpose. But he fought against the forces with GOD’s help and is now a beacon of hope to those who are facing similar challenges in walking in their purpose. His experiences coupled with his personality and gift of inspiring people is a perfect dose for humanity for such a time as this.

‘Unveil Your Purpose’ truly matches the description of its subtitle in being a complete guide to live the life that we are created for. The eight sections of the book cover a wide range of topics like fundamental aspects of walking in our purpose, a step-by-step guide to discover and channelise our purpose, having a purpose-driven mindset and lifestyle, practical steps to take towards our purpose and a lot more – resounding with anecdotes, life experiences and examples – all based on GOD’s Word.

In conclusion, he shared a truly life-changing quote from his book, “You are not a created-being trying to find a purpose; You were created because you have a purpose”. This one statement is enough to pull the trigger against identity crisis, low self-esteem, the feelings of being devalued and unworthy and a whole lot of strongholds taking on today’s generation.

Amazon link: Unveil Your Purpose: A complete guide to live the life you have been created for

Overall Verdict

Book: Unveil Your Purpose

Author: John Giftah

Foreword by: Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, Rohini Mundra

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing

The book talks about the curious question of what must be done in life to quench the road of our purpose. This book gives a window to a variety of thoughts, expressions and honest opinions on how one should put a step ahead for it. The author is appreciated for his hard work in compiling such bright essence in the words which are sometimes left unsaid and neglected. The book on such a theme is recommended for the young generation readers to look into their lives with a different perspective and observe how concoction of aspirations, failure and comebacks work. On a larger perspective, this book becomes a guide that would give food for thought, enabling one to introspect one’s own mistakes and improve them to step on to the mountain of victory. ⁣The narration of this self-help motivational genre is gripping enough to let the readers engage in the thoughts which the author has portrayed in an essence of relevance.

About John Giftah

Dr. John Giftah is a Top-ranking Podcaster / Bestselling Author / Award-winning Inspirational Speaker / World-Record Holder / YouTuber / Aerospace Engineer and Founder of John Giftah International. He is an inspirational voice to multitudes around the world as he speaks through virtual and LIVE speaking engagements in conferences, podcasts, television, schools, corporates, colleges, personality-development programs, churches and various other forums.

Apart from his first book, “Who Am I?” – a book on our identity and value, his recent bestseller “Unveil Your Purpose” became a #1 New Release on Amazon in India and takes its readers on a quest to discover their purpose and to start walking in it. 

He hosts “Fuel for the Soul with John Giftah”, a DAILY podcast which primarily  ranks as #1 Christian podcast in India and trends around the world. Apart from short solo episodes, he also has interview episodes and has hosted several world-renowned guests including Hollywood/Disney Actress Gabriella Graves, Mark Angel Comedy’s lead Actor Baze 10, Holly Starr, Stella Ramola Dhinakaran and Samuel Dhinakaran.

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