Dimensions Content Marketing Aims for Meaningful Communication

This is a world where digital communication has become the primary mode of B2B and B2C communication. The importance of content writing and digital marketing is more poignant than ever. This is why creating meaningful digital content is now not optional anymore – it is mandatory.

Dimensions Content Writing Services started its journey with the mission to create meaningful content- to help organisations speak, not just talk. Today, this Kolkata content writing company is celebrating her fifth New Year since she first came into being. For a startup, this is no ordinary feat considering the fact that 90% of the startups fail within five years. She hasn’t just established a foothold but is also making her presence felt. 

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The Journey Towards Meaningful Communication

Digital communication, more often than not, suffers from the lack of human touch. In our urge to satisfy the algorithm of the digital platforms, we ignore what the readers want to hear from companies. As a result, though the customers and companies talk with each other, there remains a subtle gap between them. The mission of Dimensions Content Writing Services is to bridge this gap with content that touches the heart.

Dipanwita Gupta, the Founder of Dimensions Content Writing Services, rightly says, “No matter whether you are in the b2b or b2c space, don’t ignore h2h – heart-to-heart communication.”

The content writing company explains that people have a sixth sense with which they can gauge whether a person is talking to them just for the sake of it with no genuine emotion. The idea is to dip the content into the cauldron of authentic emotions. But for that, you have to be genuinely interested in your audience’s stories.

Google Too Values the Aspect of Genuine Communication

Dimensions Content Writing Services explains that now with the advent of ‘intent-based’ search algorithms, Google too values those content that focuses on genuine communication. Think about it, when we talk about genuine communication, we mean putting the needs of the customers above those of ours on a very basic level. This is what Google tells marketers to do when it talks about the ‘intent’ behind a particular search. So, content that focuses on genuine interaction is automatically liked by the algorithm of Google.

A 360-Degree Experience

During these past five years, Dimensions Content Writing services has worked with various organisations belonging to a wide array of different industries. The journey, no doubt, was not easy. But it was rewarding and worthwhile. Dipanwita says, “The single most important thing that we learnt while working with so many clients is the fact that one size doesn’t fit all.” Customisation is the keyword. For instance, during the early days of Dimensions, it became the content partner of India’s second most valued EdTech platform. The target audience for that platform was students. So, the content writing company had to keep the language simple intentionally. Last year, it became the content partner of one of the premier SAP vendors in India. For their content, Dimensions Content Writing Services needed to use polished business language as their audience essentially comprises top decision-makers like CTO, CXO, etc. So, the idea is to talk the language of the target audience.

The Road Ahead

As Dimensions Content Writing Services steps into another new and exciting year, the Team is all charged up to make the journey ahead more meaningful, more enriching. The content writing company in Kolkata has already bagged a partnership with India’s largest EdTech company. And for the past couple of years, it has established itself as an authority in content made for Digital Transformation companies. The future is exciting for Dimensions Content Writing Services and its clients.

Dipanwita, an alumnus of the iconic Presidency College, Kolkata, and School of Management Sciences of the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (erstwhile B.E. College, Shibpur), thinks that sky’s the limit for a content marketing company. The horizon is expanding to include areas like personal branding, voice-optimised content creation, and content development for podcasts, webinars, and other call-to-action components. Dimensions’ ultimate goal is to join this hustle and make content a more integral part of a website’s user experience.  “Our content is not just a filler on the client websites – it is very much part of the clients’ brand identity. This strict focus on producing quality content is something which has kept us afloat for five long years,” Dipanwita signs off.

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