Kunal Kaushal’s Journey from Backbone to now one of the Leading Faces of Music Industry

Kunal Kaushal is a leading name in the music industry and is also the founder of Chaos music Kunal has experience of years in the music industry and has been working as a DJ for the last eleven years. Kunal is a self-taught, self-learnt man who has learnt every bit of music production from scratch on his own, without any assistance and aid. It was Kunal’s passion that drew him to this field. His passion turned profession has now come a long way. Kunal has worked with leading singers of Bollywood like Shashi Suman, Rapper Maddy and many more.

Kunal Kushal has a degree in Interior Designing and also holds a diploma in Animation. Kunal left a Hong-Kong based MNCs job to pursue what he is today— a passionate music composer. He recalls how he was inspired to be a music producer, director and composer and remarks, “I came back home after leaving my job and my brother showed me a random video. I remember that was a video of a marriage or a gathering where a person (the DJ) was playing songs. That was how I was motivated to choose this field.” That was the turning point for Kunal Kushal, leaving his MNC job within six months and switching his career. He then researched about the what music production and composition. He delved deeper into the subject using YouTube and Orkut and all the other resources available to him.

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Kunal Kaushal then learnt about DJing and music production, and software that are used to make music all by on his own. From square one to what he is today. The industry of music is dynamic and continuously evolving, the technologies and techniques are ever-changing. With the help of a friend, Kunal learnt the basics of music arrangements and when he practically did that by himself, he was thrilled by the experience he had. In the initial days of his journey as a music composer and director, it was a tough time, but he was determined and did not give up. It was in 2012 when he entered the field of music production, since then Kunal Kaushal has never looked back. Kunal now has played in various elite and premium clubs like Privee, Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen, Rhino, Massaya, and many more elite clubs of Delhi.

Kunal Kushal has also worked with renowned personalities like Shashi Suman, the fame of Burj Khalifa song and a well-known name of the music industry.  Kunal Kaushal also mentions that he learnt a lot about music direction and composition while he was with Sashi Suman, the lessons and the other necessities were made familiar to Kunal which otherwise couldn’t have been possible. Other leading names that Kunal has worked with include DJ Khushi- Shahrukh Khan’s in-house Official DJ, Rapper Maddy- the Splitsvilla fame, Singhsta and Kunal has also played at LSR College’s fest and have also played at Holi Bash, Coco Island in Kolkata. When Kunal was asked about his association with the leading names he remarked, “In 2018 I went to Bombay where I met Sashi Suman and DJ Khushi, at that point of time I learnt a lot from them. I assisted them in the music production and also worked with Tosief Shaikh who is a mixing mastering engineer.” Kunal has achieved various milestones and continues to achieve various milestones to date.

Every song has various elements, it is not just the singer or the lyrics that make a song but an important aspect includes music arrangement and composition that always has stayed in the back, acting like a backbone without which the song is incomplete. Kunal is a passionate and hardworking person, he has worked with a lot of budding and established people who have composed a lot of songs and is now also working on his songs and covers. Three of his songs are released and a handful of them are lined up for the release. That has touched thousands of hearts.

Kunal has recently launched his own Music Production House Chaos Music, which provides you services at affordable prices. The premium quality music is offered by Kunal Kaushal. One can also contact Kunal for any sort of audio-related work like music production, composition, direction, audio recording, BGM, video direction, cinematography, and post-production all under one roof.

You can contact Kunal Kushal via the following link and book your appointment:

Email: info@chaosmusic.in

Instagram: Kunal Kaushal