Let us know about the talented model Lalit Verma.

I am name is Lalit Verma. I am a New Delhi based model and actor. I was born on 20th March, 1992 in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh in a Hindu family and after 6 years, we shifted in Meerut due to my father business.

I had pursued my schooling and collage from Meerut . I have keen interested into fashion and acting from my childhood. I liked to wear new clothes and looking into mirror myself. After completing my intermediate, I wanted to do acting and modelling but my family wanted to see me as an engineer because at that time there was a lot of craze for that stream, so I went for it.

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During engineering, I got one opportunity for a drama acting competition to perform for the first time on stage in front of college teachers and students. I won the first prize. My dressing and hair style was unique and different in my college time. Everyone said me that this is not the right place for me and I have to move in the film industry. I got the title of most charming face of MIET. After 4 years, my (2010-2014) engineering  journey ended.

After college, me and my friends went to Delhi in search of job. We all got a first job of 12 K monthly income. In Delhi, it is not possible to survive with such little money. My friends were called back to their family and I was alone.

I was working hard to be able to fulfil my unfinished dream again and everything was going well, but suddenly my father got sick with sugar disease and all the responsibility of the house came on me. That’s why I had to once again leave my passion and dream was unfinished halfway. I pursued a career in an engineering field and got a good job in an MNC Company. My relatives and all my office colleagues used to ask me to go for acting and modelling field. I continued sharing my post in my social media. Everyone would tell me the same thing that I was born for acting and modelling. My dream and my passion didn’t let me sleep so I decided to go into this field. First, I needed a portfolio in this field. Then, I searched on many places and also on many sites. Then I found the Model Creators Agency on social media and they were promoting some portfolios at an economical price so I contacted them. Here, I got to learn a lot from Tushar sir. I have done my first portfolio shoot and one E-commerce shoot  for Amazon and there I got chance to meet Mr Mukesh Dubey, who is the very well-known fashion designer. After seeing my personality, he approached me for his designer shoot for magazine and that’s how I started my journey in this glamorous industry.

Tushar sir taught me how to face the camera. He is a good mentor. That’s how I started my journey in Glamour’s industry. My journey has started just now. I need to improve on a daily basis. I do hard workout exercises, learning about our industry, I do acting from the front of the mirror. With these improvements, now I am doing many shoots and fashion shows and also giving some auditions for my upcoming songs and videos.