“Looking for quality leads and premium clients for your business?”

Saajan Mahamuni is an advertising professional with rich experience working with top-notch brands of various sectors, including banking, hospitality, e-commerce, FMCG, press, NGOs and many more. He is a micro-influencer and founder at Quality Leads only

Saajan Mahamuni has been associated with Advertising Industry since 2011. With hands-on experience in brand building and advertising, he has set his foot in acquiring deep knowledge and understanding to work with small business owners such as astrologers, Vastu consultants, and numerologists. He has observed that despite possessing the knowledge and skill with the effective remedy, they fail to attract and manage a consistent flow of paying clients. His interpersonal skills and outstanding leadership qualities made him strong in business acumen and expertise in business coaching. 

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As a business coach, Saajan helps build a new business from scratch in the form of mentoring, supporting, educating, and motivating business owners so that the exposure can help them get eyes on their business and help with the sale of their products. Being an expert in advertising, he helps businesses of all sizes find the best solutions to get high-paying clients and increase sales. Needless to say, Social media and Advertising is of paramount importance that helps you to craft an online persona of your brand, cultivating a more genuine presence. With the advent of digital marketing, social media marketing has become a fruitful endeavor because most buyers find social media as a go-to platform for researching and buying any products online.

In the words of Saajan, I believe that human psychology works in advertising and social media to build your brand and the community around the same, but many people remain on the fence for not spending on the marketing budget for advertising campaigns that can help them reach the top of funnel consumers. Many folks fail to realize the power of social media marketing in building a brand. So, I share my advertising and Social media formulas based on psychology and empower them to attract people who are ready to pay a decent amount for their services.”

Saajan has coined his firm Quality leads only” to help businesses generate quality social media leads using helpful information and clear signs of intent. He designs the sales funnel for his clients in such a way that helps his clients to get leads from his services that becomes easier to convert into customers. 

Besides being an advertising professional and business coach, Saajan works as a micro-influencer in the art niche on Social media platforms, especially on Instagram. Being an expert in the respective niche, he connects deeper with his audiences and generates greater engagement. Being a master of presentation and a superb eye for aesthetics, creative influencer Saajan made many brands, products and services shine in the field of art. His Instagram handle @busypencil can take you on a journey to explore his superb creativity and talent. 

If you want your company to grow and are looking for new leads to realize the growth and reach greater heights, Quality leads only” is the perfect platform to help you gain access to potential clients without any challenge. Quality leads onlyunder the leadership of Saajan helps businesses build better customer relationships with their world-class lead generation services.

Website: qualityleadsonly.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/busypencil