Meet Raj Abhishek Singh – a passionate reader turned author of three books

At a time when the culture of reading is getting lost among many distractions and the art of writing is diminishing, there is this young boy who is surfing against the waves.

Belonging to the Jharsuguda district of Odisha, Raj Abhishek Singh is a passionate reader and enthusiastic writer. After completing his schooling in his hometown, he is currently pursuing graduation from Gangadhar Meher University, Sambalpur, Odisha.

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The 19-year-old is currently the author of three books – An Untold StoryBeyond the Black Door & If I Could Rewrite the Stars. Three of them have been Amazon bestsellers in their respective genres.

His writing journey commenced while being in class 10th, after getting appreciation from his teachers for the short stories he used to write for his academic assignments. It was then that he realized that he should start writing professionally. And within a few years of dedicated writing, he currently has three books to his name, plenty of media coverage, featured in many online articles, some fine appreciations by many popular authors of the country and many more feats.

Talking about his writing, his style of writing is quite versatile, which his books reflect too. All three of his books belong to different genres. An Untold Story belongs to the Contemporary Fiction genre, Beyond the Black Door to the Horror & Mystery genre and If I Could Rewrite the Stars to the Romance genre. 

He says he likes experimenting with genres and testing his versatility in writing. Even though belonging to very dissimilar genres, his books have been liked by his readers enough.

Apart from pursuing writing as a passion, he also contributes to society through his writing. In the year 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown were all over the world, he took a step that was appreciated by many. He decided that from October 2020, he would donate the royalties of his first book An Untold Story for charitable purposes – for a lifetime. 

For An Untold Story, which was published in January 2020, he was honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Top 14 Indian authors of 2020’ by Newstrack.

His second book Beyond the Black Door, which was published in January 2021, got him introduced to a new genre of audience – the horror and mystery genre. This book, too, got him much fame and admiration. For this title, he was awarded the title of ‘Best author in the Fiction category’ by Cherry book awards. The title also got into amazon bestseller ranks in the horror category.

His third book If I Could Rewrite the Stars, published in August 2022, too, ran up the bestselling charts soon after its release. This book belongs to the Romance genre which talks about the two aspects of an event the journey and the destination, and questions what between the both is more important.

For his works, he has been appreciated by many popular authors of the country such as Ajitabha Bose and Devanshi Sharma.

‘It (Beyond the Black Door) was a fab read.’ – Ajitabha Bose, National bestselling author of 9 books, including The Kapil Sharma Story In Love with Shah Rukh Khan.

‘Raj Abhishek has an amazing way of narrating stories.’ – Devanshi Sharma, National bestselling author of 6 books.

The journey of Raj Abhishek is quite inspiring. After losing his father at a very young age, he started expressing his pain through pen and paper. Even after facing plenty of struggles, hardships and hindrances, he did not give up on his passion which eventually worked out for him.

While people of his age enjoy their late teens and early 20s, Raj Abhishek stands as an example to others that by hard work, discipline and determination, one can make seemingly impossible things possible. By the feats he has achieved so far, he has proved that age is no barrier to the things one really wants to do.

We hope, that he continues to inspire many through his stories and journey in future too.

He can be reached at:-

Instagram: @Rajabhishek1205