Mohammed Imran – Story of an Emerging entrepreneur, Social Media Marketing Expert & Author.

Mohammed Imran owns Xahans Company of Affiliate marketing & social media marketing. Renowned Corporate motivational speaker based out of Hyderabad, India.

Our country has been struck with Covid and as said Problems are the reasons for innovative solutions. The market for Affiliate marketing and social media has been booming ever since. Mohammed Imran helped Thousands of students to build a career in Marketing and social media by providing 21st-century skills and digital marketing training which anyone can learn.

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“Learn what school doesn’t teach you.” 

This is what Mohammed Imran believes, as everyone deserves a chance to rise and shine.

Mohammed Imran started his career as a software Engineer, later converting his stream to Film making & Visual Effects. His Career journey was only beginning. Mohammed Imran spread knowledge across as a Teacher, where he learned the need for 21st-century skills for the present generation. As his journey continued, Mohammed Imran explored various fields in trend and provided training as per required.  

Mohammed Imran has been embarking on milestones in Motivational speaking and Mindset training for Thousands through his Podcasts and Live sessions.

Mohammed Imran believes that you are not defined to be stuck at a definite career as the world is huge to explore and life is big enough to try many careers which helps you lead a successful and happy life. This is what made him try many career options leading to his start-up Xahans Company. 

Journey of Author –Mohammed Imran

Mohammed Imran says, “I have always embraced challenges and took my life in a different yet vibrant journey. I rejected a job that was paying 8 times more than a teaching job. All I saw were paths to learn new skills with experiments in life. A friend tapped me, saying you should give it a try on writing some book. I put that thought into action, and it took me 2 years to research and finish my book. I interviewed more than 150 women to write the book “Understanding Women is Easy” during that period. My concept was to challenge the myth that understanding women is impossible. I didn’t take any training programs to be an author as I believed you need basic grammar knowledge to put what you need to express on paper.


Mohammed Imran “I want to build a digitally enlightened army of 10000 in 2 years as digitization will be soon taking over entire Market. As we speak even digital currency is taking hype in market. I will be soon conducting programs for trending Digital Technologies including digital currency, NFT’s and more. Keep learning and learning as time and world won’t be waiting for you to pick up the pace. Thirst of experimentation lead to my dream projects Xahans Company and Immy’s Fries, as I believe you should eat good to work hard. NFT will be soon a multi-billion dollar business. Xahans Company will be soon releasing a NFT virtual World Game.”

Achievements- Mohammed Imran

•Certified Trainer under VEX Robotics Educator Program; VEX ROBOTICS, United States, Mexico, Central, and South America.

•Certified Referee under VEX Robotics Referee Program; VEX ROBOTICS, United States, Mexico, Central, and South America.

•Certified Campaign Manager under Google program.

•Certified for Expertise in Dropshipping Business under Bit Degree Program.

• Certified for Expertise in Six sigma Business Improvement Program.

• Certified for Expertise in Facebook Ads Marketing for Traffic under Yasir Ahmed.

• Certified in Google Search Campaign.

  • Certified in Influencer Marketing Program.

Time makes you better at what you do.

Mohammed Imran has vast experience in many fields, structuring the market and growth plan for his programs. He’s been in the industry for more than 11 years.


  • Professional Web & Graphic Designer.
  • Professional Photographer.
  • Short Film Director.
  • Graduate in Film Making & Visual Effects.
  • 21st-century skill Trainer.
  • Professional Game Designer.
  • App designer and developer. 
  • Public Speaking & student career guiding. 
  • Professional English & IELTS trainer.
  • Self-made Author.

The world is heading forward at light speed. Don’t wait for an opportunity. Create your own. Find your niche, work hard. The one who works without looking at a time will be the one to succeed in life and will stay ahead of Time. Be the author of your own story. Work with passion until your dreams are fulfilled.

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