Nayan Choudhary – Story of a passionate photographer

“Nayan Choudhary is a Bangalore based freelance photographer and cinematographer with a demonstrated history of working with well-known fashion brands.”

Nayan Choudhary, popularly known as @lightening_nayan by the audience in Instagram, began his journey as a photographer in 2019 with the photography of editorials, workshops, events and fashion portfolios with the presentation of things with added artistic beauty. He has worked for many top-notch fashion brands, jewellery brands, wedding events, political campaigns, singing shows for renowned artists like Shloka and Hansraj Raghuvanshi. Nayan is expertise with the usage of cameras, lighting equipment, and the strategies to make any photo look good and edit to enhance its beauty. It’s his passion, effort, adventurous spirit and hard work that makes him an ace photographer.

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Nayan was always inclined towards arts, stories and fantasies since childhood. Since he was hugely inspired and motivated, he used to observe them, feel them and had a strange knack to share them even with the world so that people could see them through his photography. He further says, “There is life running all around, and everyone has his own story. There is reality, there is love, there is fantasy, and there is emotion. I always wanted to freeze them as raw as it is, “candid” and to present them with a different perspective and untempered beauty”. Be it a stranger or known person, seen and unseen everything and everyone has their own story, those stories keep inspiring him to take pictures every day. He used to borrow a camera from his friends and go into the streets, to the stadium, and wherever he used to go. Later he used to upload them on his social media, and his photos used to take the internet by storm, and gradually things started to change. He was nominated as a top 50 photographer in Patna, and since then, there has been no looking back.

Hailing from Bhagalpur, Nayan completed his schooling from his hometown and went to Patna to pursue further education. He later shifted to Bangalore so that he could learn more about photography professionally. He then joined JD institute of fashion technology to pursue a diploma in fashion photography, and he completed a diploma in 2019. Though his family was supportive at every step of his life, they were perplexed about his career somewhere. He was equally good in athletics, but destiny had something else in store for him. Being a photographer was already predestined for him. He loves to collaborate with people that have exciting ideas and concepts.

Nayan shares, “Photography gave me the vision to see things with different eyes; it inspired me to travel more, photography made my life full of adventures. Photography is an art, and one can never see dominance over art. It is something that needs to learn till the last breaths, and I am still learning.”

Nayan Signs off with his words of wisdom for the passionate aspiring photographers “Remember your first 10000 photographs will be your worst, and once you master them, you won’t have to explain things with words. Photography is all about art, passion and perspective. Never fear going out alone with your camera, to shoot under the sun and thunderstorm. You can show people what they missed, and it will spark your life to ignition. Dare to dream and achieve whatever you want to.”

Nayan is gearing up to launch his website soon, but his Instagram account is worth following. He had made a place in the heart of many audiences, which is evident from his number of followers equal to 12k.Instagram – @lightening_nayan.