Nitibha Kaul Spotted in ITER Couture Purple Ombre Lehenga, Looks Adorable

Nitibha Kaul is a model, actress and an influencer who has very recently spotted in a Purple Ombre ITER Couture lehenga that was designed and manufactured by Guru Sewak Textile Limited. As she wore the dress the paparazzi and thereafter netizens were in awe. Spell bounded by the Nitibha’s beauty this was for a shoot with the Fab look magazine.

Nitibha is a fashion model but prior to setting foot in the fashion industry she was into marketing and advertising industry and an ex-Google Employee. This is not the first time Guru Sewak’s outfits have gone viral and are loved by people. Before this, Avneet Kaur wore ITER Couture’s outfit that made everyone go crazy for that outfit. And this time The Ombre effect outfit with the glossy make-up accessories made it elegant and eye-catching.

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The Purple Ombre lehenga is the newest added apparel in the ITER Couture’s Guru Sewak Textile Ltd collection that is launched by the company recently. Purple Ombre Lehenga is a totally new outfit that is unique in the market. After its launch it became one of the best-selling products by Iter Couture ( Guru Sewak). One cannot go ahead without mentioning the wide range of product that it has come up in the recent times, all of it better than one another and are undoubtedly loved by the public.

A person from inside agreed to speak with us on condition of being anonymous (to which we agree and adhere to) he says, “Our products are loved by people. The fine detailing, the work and the art is unique, the lehenga that was worn by Nitibha Kaul was of raw silk and I don’t think there could have been a better choice than this one.”

The other collection ranges from Jumpsuits, Sarees, Bridal Lehenga, Party Lehengas, Fancy Suits and Gown. The brand is known for providing quality material and setting up the trend in the market. Its designing and creative team always comes up with something new and sets the benchmark in the industry. Active for over 30 years in the industry it has built a cloth and fashion legacy not just in India but across the continents, as well.

About Guru Sewak Textile Limited

Situated in the heart of Delhi, Chandni Chowk Guru Sewak Textile Limited was launched by two fashion enthusiasts 30 years ago with the aim to provide different outfits and lovely outfits to people. Guru Sewak is primarily known for providing marriage outfits and party wear. It has been providing since to many generations and continuous to provide its services with the exclusive apparels there.

Their products often have history blend mixed with modernity which gives it an amazing look. With rich history and proud cloth heritage Guru Sewak Textile offers a wide range of apparels to its customers. Ranging from budget friendly outfits to high budget outfits it has got everything.

‘Go forward despite difficulties’ have been their motto since its establishment and they have lived to its through age. This is (without a doubt) one of the most successful company that has seen generations and people evolve with it. Where many venture fight the battle of surviving and existing, Guru Sewak Textile Limited is expanding its horizon and working diaspora. It reached to its current position via continuous improvement and high-quality service.

The man (who chose to remain anonymous) says, “The brand was launched in 1986 and it was launched with the aim to provide best outfits to people. Covering a wide range, it has done a lot better than its competitive firms in the market.” With major focus on customer satisfaction and coming up with new and altogether unique dresses for their customers; they never stop working.

They passionately believe that finding beauty in each and every creation and living thing in the earth is enough to inspire them and they have been doing since their first day, started by two people Guru Sewak Textile Ltd now holds a large number of employees, all are trained and mentored professionals that makes them experts in this field.

The aim of ITER Couture is to produce comfortable and expressive clothing because they never skimp on the quality of fabrics. Their products under go various stages of quality check under the supervision of experts who check these products and their fine texture manually to make sure they only deliver flawless to their customers.

Their future goal is to embark history in the Indian fashion industry with their innovative designs and concepts. In addition, they also launched a fresh new collection for 2022, offering a new take on fashion and with the onset of 2023 they are planning to launch their exclusive, all new, New Year collection.

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