Ramesh Chaurasia: Helping children build a better future

All members of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha are dedicated towards creating a better environment for children from the Chaurasia community. Many members of the community still work as marginal labours so their children need special attention when it comes to their upbringing and mental guidance.

“We know that children are the future so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to their wellbeing and development. Most of our efforts are targeted towards uplifting the most vulnerable segments of society. Children should not be neglected because they hold endless potential and are very malleable. Children are curious by nature so it should be ensured that they are given the right guidance and information which contributes towards their growth. Children from marginalized communities are prone to falling in bad company because mostly both the parents have to work in order to earn a living for the family. This is why we try to find the best guidance for all children from the Chaurasia community.”- Mr. Ramesh Lakhulal Chaurasia said regarding their initiatives.

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The organization is actively involved in child development and welfare of children from marginalized sections of the Chaurasia community. There are many gifted children who are excellent in different fields like academics, sports, arts and other activities. The leaders of the Mahasabha ensure that such children are given appropriate scholarships and their education is funded as much as possible. They are given incentives and coaching in their area of interest so that they can look forward to a better future. All children are special and they need to be motivated by any means possible. The world is changing rapidly and it is often quite difficult for children from marginalized communities to catch up to the changing trends, views and technology.

Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia, the president of the Akhil Bharatiya Adarsh Chaurasia Mahasabha said, “We have developed a fully functional and active E- Library where everyone is given access to educational or skill-based learning resources. We have tried to create a vast database where all possible books and resources can be provided freely to those who need them. This learning library is also made available to young adults and women who want to continue their education. We are trying to create a new atmosphere of learning. We want to change the viewpoint that other sections of communities have towards marginalized or less fortunate members of the society. We want to create a new wave of change where education is imparted to everyone who needs or wants it. Children are at the top when it comes to prioritizing education for us because they are the future of our country. Our efforts are showing effect and now we are seeing better results. More children are turning up in schools and are showing improvement after our initiatives are helping them.”

The organization has thousands of members spread all across the country so they are able to help people over a large scale. Plans are being developed through which study material and stationery can be distributed to children at the commencement of each academic session. The volunteers also try to ensure that used books are not wasted and are passed on to the children who are joining the class.

The goal of community building is to strengthen and improve the community and its members. Children are the foundation and the future of any community and this is why they need to be nurtured and guided in the direction of positive growth. The efforts of Mr. Ramesh Chaurasia and the team of the Mahasabha have changed a lot of lives and continue to do so even today.