Shehnaaz Gill and Guru Randhawa’s Behind The Scenes Video From Song Sets Getting Viral ! |

Singer, Actress Shehnaaz Gill who is well known from the reality series Bigg Boss, will shortly be featured alongside singer Guru Randhawa in the music video for “Moon Rise.” Shehnaaz Gill and Guru Randhawa’s chemistry can be seen in several of the music video productions for this song. A new video just came out and is currently going viral.

The official Instagram account of T-Series has published a behind-the-scenes video for “Moon Rise.” Shehnaaz Gill is seen sprinting on the picturesque beach near the sea during the shooting, as can be seen in the video. Additionally, Guru Randhawa pursues them. Shehnaaz Gill then loses her balance and collapses. Guru Randhawa then takes up Shehnaaz, and the two of them break out in raucous laughter.Guru and Shehnaaz’s chemistry astonished viewers.

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Fans adore the relationship between Guru Randhawa. “Both look wonderful together,” one user commented. The chemistry between the two is fantastic, another person said. In many other videos, fans have also expressed a desire to see Guru Randhawa and Shehnaaz Gill together. More than 64 thousand people have liked this Shehnaaz and Guru video so far. Shehnaaz posted this amusing video.

Shehnaaz Gill had previously uploaded a video to her Instagram account. Write the caption yourself; I don’t understand anything, he said in his message. Shehnaaz Gill can be seen in Guru Randhawa’s arms in the video. They are both giggling together.

While this is going on, the actress begins directing the staff member, making Guru uncomfortable. When she is with the Punjabi singer, Shehnaaz is observed to be very content and at ease. Let us inform you that Guru Randhawa and Shehnaaz Gill’s music video will be released on January 10.