Startup delivers birthday cake for dogs to Indian metro cities – HappyPuppyCakes

Celebrating your dog’s birthday with cookies and chew toys is so pre-covid. Celebrate your special fur babies with custom-designed dog cakes and pup cakes from Happy Puppy Cakes. 

Regular bakery cakes contain sugar, maida, and fat. While these ingredients are okay for us humans to consume, they can be harmful to your dog and may cause health issues above a certain quantity. 

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At HappyPuppyCakes, cakes are healthy for your dog’s well-being and are also gobble-worthy and delicious. 

Made with 100% dog-safe ingredients, HappyPuppyCakes offers custom cakes for dogs in a variety of flavours like,

  • Chicken cake for dogs
  • Peanut Butter Carrot cake for dogs
  • Bacon cake for dogs
  • Pumpkin Carrot for dogs
  • Beef cake for dogs 
  • Vegan cake for dogs, etc

Cakes are strictly Sugar-free, Salt-Free & Maida-free. 

For more details, check their website or call on 9620501894 

Every cake is made on order, and pet parents are given an option to provide any specific diet or allergy info that is incorporated while baking your doggy’s special birthday cake.

All cakes are made with human-grade ingredients, so you can take a bite as well when your dog is not looking, but we recommend not stealing your dog’s food.

With HappyPuppyCakes, orders can be placed in advance, so order your pup’s birthday cake right away with a special discount coupon – HAPPY10 (Valid till January 2022)

HappyPuppyCakes – The Team

HappyPuppyCakes is a flagship brand of Instadukan – an e-commerce platform – started by three co-founders Zeeshan M, Sonal Gupta, and Aditya Manikandan. With over ten years of experience in food – hospitality and e-commerce industry, Instadukan helps small businesses grow & scale online. Instadukan offers free and instant e-commerce websites and services that helps businesses get more online sales.
If you have a small business that currently sells on Instagram or wants to start selling online, check out their website for more info.

Network and expertise

HappyPuppyCakes, with the help of their massive network of pawsome pet bakers, currently delivers in 8 cities – Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Chandigarh, and Hyderabad. They are soon expanding to tier 2 cities as well.

Recognizing the gap in the market for dog cakes, with most pet owners looking to buy custom cakes that are made with safe ingredients for their dogs and pet bakers not being able to reach their target customers because of lack of tech assistance and bandwidth, HappyPuppyCakes was started to bridge that gap.

HappyPuppyCakes’ pet expert onboards pet bakers after multiple rounds of verification and trials, so you know you always get the best from the very best for your dog.

With the power of Instadukan’s e-commerce platform and impeccable customer service, HappyPuppyCakes delivers hundreds of cakes seamlessly across India monthly.

Support for animal welfare

5% of the profits generated by HPC are quarterly donated to the Gully Animal Rescue Foundation (GARF), which tirelessly works towards rescuing and feeding abandoned street dogs. So every time you buy a cake for your dog, you also contribute to feeding a street.