The ROYAL EV CEO Mr. Viswanath Kari is counted among the top 10 leaders in Electric Vehicles from Andhra Pradesh

Viswanath Kari is the founder and CEO of Royal EV based out of Andhra Pradesh with rich experience of over 15 years in conceiving and developing Projects and over 6 years in Electric Vehicles sector. Recently he was counted among the top 10 leaders in Electric Vehicles. It’s his entrepreneurial spirit and true passion that pushed him to the limits to achieve something humongous by bringing the Private Sector initiative into the public domain.

Stalwart company Royal EV manufactures Electric Vehicles in Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. No doubt, Electric vehicle Industry in India is on the rise especially amid the skyrocketing price of the fuel. The adoption of E-vehicles was observed with a huge paradigm shift with the rise of Population in the country. India is certainly observing a huge benefit on many fronts with a relative abundance of the renewable sources of energy and availability of skilled manpower in the technology and manufacturing sectors. The shift towards electric vehicles will also enhance India’s energy security, and reduce the nation’s oil import dependence. Royal EV is part of this revolution and is focused on the south, east and west India market.

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When it comes to EVs, Royal EV is the manufacturer that needs to be marked when it comes to their focuses on the components of the vehicles. Royal EV is the one that uses latest technology battery like Lithium Phosphate batteries in their vehiclesthat are safe with long durability with the life cycle of 2000 charges; it is the same technology that is used by the world class companies like Tesla. Royal EV began establishing the franchise network across the state Andhra Pradesh after the 1st wave of Corona virus Pandemic. After the second wave they have started their expansion in 13 States including West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Jharkhand. Currently Royal EV is marked with their presence in Odisha, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh along with other states that are in final stages.

Indeed, Vision is an important part of every entrepreneur’s future and establishing your vision is the first step towards making any venture a reality. Viswanath’s vision was a start of a roadmap, he knew what he wanted to create and reach with his entrepreneurial efforts and he envisioned his entrepreneurial future that could have a huge contribution to the country. His venture Royal EV not only benefitted the customers but provided a value proposition to the contribution. In the words of Viswanath “As an organization, we always make sure our employees are aware of the company vision and the ultimate goals for the business. This encourages everyone to work together to achieve better results.

Hailing from a humble family background, Viswanath’s Journey towards success was never smooth and straightforward. He never let his life’s ups and downs get in the way of his creativity; instead, he rose to the occasion.Beyond his struggles, seeing his father ride a bicycle for 40 kilometers a day to reach his workplace as he couldn’t afford a motorcycle made him all the more passionate about automobiles and the idea behind the Royal EV had originated back then. Yes and it all started with an idea and the necessity became the mother of his invention. He understood the problem of a common man and the circumstances demanded to make transportation affordable. He recognized the struggle of a middle class family and took the initiative to pursue his vision, acquired the resources and turned his vision into a reality. That’s how Royal EV was coined by Viswanaththat is now an innovative brand offering the new generation smart electric vehicles.

Viswanath was inspired by the Make in India vision, and with his dynamic leadership, he created more employment opportunities in the state of Andhra Pradesh with the establishment of Royal EV.Under his guidance, the franchise opened its first showroom on 5th September 2019, after a lot of research and struggles. Currentlyhaving 140+ families associated directly as well as indirectly with Royal EV, theorganization is working towards reaching TOP five e-Vehicles companies of the country.

Viswanath’s Royal EV stands apart from noise and strives to provide its customers the best battery with the latest technology and in-house developed battery with latest Technology Battery (LiPo4). Today Royal EV is planning to set up 2000+ service centers throughout 13 States in India together with the swappable battery concept. With a focus towards the Green & Clean Environment movement Viswanath is on the move to create more employment opportunities promoting the economic growth.

Viswanath’s innovative idea and Royal EV’s technological developments contributed to economic growth and employment in the country overcoming the key problems of developments.

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