Vedat Aktepe is internationally recognized for his hair transplantation brand Bonita Hair Clinic

The Bonita Hair Clinic is recognized for its outstanding patient care, warm approach and compassion. The clinic is established in three different locations namely Belgium, Brussels and İstanbul.

Bonita Hair Clinic has been established to offer first-class, professional treatment at affordable rates for hair care and treatments concerns around the world, along with a team of highly qualified, experienced and highly qualified doctors.

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Every day, they are achieving milestones since our inception. They not only provide world-class treatment here, but also provide our patients with home-like care. Patients are not simply our customers, but rather part of our family, and as a result, every patient gets an enjoyable experience along with treatment.

The health of one’s hair is one of the most important things in life, especially for balding men whose receding hairlines require the assistance of hair care professionals. Among the top professionals in this field, Vedat Aktepe’s Bonita Hair Clinic has proven to be one of the best in business, having transformed the looks of many bald people. His brand, which has won three awards for its outstanding services, has taken this Turkey-born professional to towering heights, operating from Brussels.

Within a few years of its launch, Bonita Hair Clinic has gained global clients. A noteworthy aspect of their services is their affordable pricing, which does not pinch the pocket, along with their excellent customer centric approach that has made them stand out amongst their competitors. “We are delighted to offer our services that are on par with world standards at affordable prices to our global clients,” Vedat says about his brand. In order to ensure optimum results, each of our treatments is customized according to the hair, skin structure, and face shape of each client.”

Each treatment is performed in a safe and sterile environment at Bonita Hair Clinic. They also follow up regularly to ensure the best results and that the patients are healthy, a practice that has won them the trust of many patients. They are renowned for their reliability, and their patient list is growing by the day because of the trust patients place in their treatment.

Until now, Bonita Hair Clinic has successfully transplanted hair, beards, and eyebrows, and their patients have left rave reviews about their experience.

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