When we have solid thoughts for survival with bigger dreams, then no one can stop us. Dr Alok Shankar’s real-life story demonstrates this point in a verifiable sense.

Thirteen Years ago, a 20-year-old boy Dr Alok Shankar was survived after having Bone Marrow Transplant. This still comes into the bracket of one of the survivors of the rarest disease known as Bachet Syndrome, proceeded towards the Pharmaceutical Marketing and then eagerly comes into the Pharmaceutical Industry with the vision of manufacturing the affordable medicine at a reasonable price.

Dr Alok Shankar – Director of Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known name in India/ International Pharmaceutical Market for exporting Pharmaceutical products in various countries. Due to his leadership quality, the company has reached new milestones.

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He consistently accepts determination towards hard work, and throughout his life, he responded to all sorts of criticism with stillness. He trusts that if one had the determination and enthusiasm to work, one could do admiration in business as long as the integrity and honesty will be preserved. He never cared for what the world or society had to say so long as he was convinced that the idea would work. In addition to that, he is a simple man who made simple ideas into big business ventures.

Today Ravian Life Science Pvt. Ltd. furnishes world-class therapeutics to patients around the globe in more than 25 countries, is India’s best Generic Manufacturing Unit situated at Sidcul- Haridwar, Uttarakhand.

What encouraged Dr Alok Shankar to get into business was to serve humanity with innovative and affordable healthcare solutions. This led to the start of Ravian Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

According to him, the essentials needed to start a business or pursue a profession are determination and forecasting the next five-year plan.

For him, the opportunity in business was identified in the market based on the increase in the number of illnesses and diseases among people.

The challenges and struggles Dr Alok Shankar had to face as an entrepreneur were seeking the opportunity to identify the industry/ domain. Dr Alok Shankar had overcome these challenges through his learning of dedication and time management. What impacted his professional life from his personal life teachings was that he was an IAS aspirant and determined to do extensive. This is what makes him overcome the challenges faced in the business sphere.

As an entrepreneur, what makes Mr Alok Shankar unique is that he is employee welfare-oriented, always focused on opportunities and strengths and has developed health awareness within the organization.