Acclaimed celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia recently travelled to the popular shrine of Shri Vitobha Rukmini in Pandharpur in Solapur. It is believed to be a shrine which fulfills all your wishes and washes ones sins. It is strongly believed amidst the locals who are strong followers of lord Vithoba and queue up in big numbers everyday without fail to have a glimpse of their lord and their Mata Rukhmini that worshippers get whatever they have desired for whole heartedly and never go back empty handed.

Based on the avatar of Lord Vishnu or as some say Lord Krishna and his wife Rukmini this shrine calls for lakhs of devotees in a year who come and seek blessings from Lord Vishnu. Structurally strong even now , its scriptures date back to the 12th century. The pillars have very fine art on them and their intrinsic pattern definitely speaks stories of eras gone by, yet stand as a witness to what could have been then, even now.

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“I have a very strong inclination towards shrines and I travel a lot to various pilgrimages more so if the temple I plan to travel has Vishnu Lakshmi as its main deities. I am a very big worshipper of

Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi. I have realized that all temples belonging to them has a divine calling to me and I invariably reach there at some point of time. It took me 22 years to come to this most revered temple of Shri Vitobha Rukmini in Pandharpur and all I feel is humbled and thsnkful to the divine.I in my own ways see magic shown to me by the biggest illusionist and magician of this universe our Lord Vishnu and I feel humbled as and when I witness this divinity in my own very humble way.” Says Samarpit kanwatia

Adding futher “What is most fascinating is the way the temple is managed by the trustees and its core management. It is so clean that it sets such a high standard for all the other temples to follow. Every few hours I saw a team of cleaners cleaning the whole place and maintaining high safety protocols suggested by the government. People are so warm and I must admit that they were extremely helpful and humble. It is these people, I strongly believe represent the real India with the sentiment of “atithi devo bhava” where we as a nation represent humility and warm cultural ethos, which somewhere is lost amidst the chaos of bigger developing cities of our country.”

Samarpitji says “I have subjectively believed that one can only come to such divine pilgrimages if it is willed by lord almighty and your fate permits. I am so thankful to the divine for permitting me to be a witness of this beautiful shrine inside -outside with so much energy flowing everywhere and witnessing how helpful humans can be to each other without any selfish motives. All I ask lord almighty is that may he bless me more so that I could witness creations by mankind in praise of HIM and seek his divine blessings when and whenever possible.”

He explained “ Due to my hectic travel and work schedules all my plans are very impromptu and because of such itinerary most of the time I have to travel alone. Sometimes I wish I could have gotten my family to such divine pilgrimages where they could too witness the beauty and divinity of our cultural ethos.It would just be a pleasure and an amazing eye opener in life to sense the root of our rich culture and its binding for the growing up teens ,which the whole world acknowledges.Our childrens generation are missing out on getting to know about our culture, its pure and powerful practices and overall the meaning of what our real india was all about.”

“With a cultural history starting from vedas and puranas to various Upanishads, our teachings encompass the soul of every Indian by birth. I pray to lord almighty that may he give us all the right vision where we can all amalgamate the rich Indian culture with our new age technology and growth for peace and prosperity, where as one nation we can look into our inner being and take pride in its rich cultural roots and simultaneously look outside and travel beyond the horizons of earth to the empty space as done many times in the past” concludes Samarpit Kanwatia.

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